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Mommy's Douche Bag

I remember my mom giving me an enema with her yellow girly feminine folding douche bag with the douche nozzle. The bag always hung in the shower. I was facinated with the bag. I played with her bag and urinated in the bag. As I got older I ********** in mommy's yellow girly feminine folding douche syringe bag and left the bag with *** hanging in the shower. I got many enemas from her bag. She never knew I peed and ********** in the bag. She never knew I left *** in the bag hanging in the shower.


deleted deleted 26-30 1 Response Aug 19, 2009

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Oh she probably knew and washed it out b4 she used it herself. Naugty boy!
There is something very erotic about seeing a douche bag hang in the shower, either empty or full. I get **** just thinking of it.