A Very Stimulating Experience

 Back in the thirties and forties, when I was a boy, many families, and boarding schools, kept enema equipment on hand and used it on the kids whenever they thought he needed it.


As a young boy living in a boarding school in North China, I can recall several of us boys (we were about nine or ten years old) being given very hot enemas.  Where we lived it was not unusual for a child to be infested with ugly worms which lived in his bowels.  A very hot enema, of a saline solution I seem to recall, was administered to kill and flush out the worms.  I think they were a variety of tape worms.

We were all in the "sick room" and there were about six of us as I recall.  The school nurse administered the enemas to us boys and since there were no girls present  (just the middle-aged school nurse), there was no provision made for any privacy.  In any case all six of us boys were to receive the same treatment.

Mrs Hanna, the nurse, made me take down my pyjama pants, in front of the other five boys. Then she inserted the enema nozzle up my anus, and held the enamel enema can up high.  I was lying on my side.  The other boys watched with great interest knowing that it would soon be their turn.  After holding the hot saline solution in for what seemed like eternity - but was probably only about five minutes, I was allowed to expel my load into an enamel toilet pail.  Looking down I could see a number of those dreaded worms - they looked to me like evil serpents.

Having an occasional enema administered to me, sometimes in front of my peers, who were receiving enemas too, was very stimulating to me sexually.  I know that my penis stiffened until it was rigidly erect. The sensation of receiving enema like this was incredibly stimulating and I actually found myself enjoying enemas.  I have not had an enema now for many years (my wife doesn't care for them), but even the thought of giving or receiving an enema stimulates me even today.



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Well it is high time that you get yourself back to healthy enemas. If your wife does not care for them, then it is your responsibility to find a way to take care of your self now. Lift the can, not a drink!

Another EP fan has created a poll, "Should enemas be comulsory in school?" What say you?

It seems a while back I saw an article on something like that, worm/parasite, in Japan caused from eating sushi. Personally I like my sushi ‘southern fried’ and enemas warm.