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I have written a lot about enemas, I believe more than any  other writer, more than 10,000 pages published in books, articles, and on the internet. I would post one of my stories, but they are all copywrited and all over the web and places like Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as international book sellers in Europe and India.

What is important about my work on this is the perspective. Enemas were a common treatment 50 years ago when I was young. Not now. I believe the primary reason is enemas are safe, effective treatments for many diseases that generate no profit for corporate medicine. They take maybe a pennies worth of water, some time, and are potentially messy---but they are loving, gentle, caring treatments, something that helps in a few moments, and last a life time as a loving memory.  Sharing an enema with a compassionate nurse, mother, husband, or wife is something that touches the soul while healing the body.

I advocate them as a human being and teach them as a health care provider. I am going to include the introduction to one of my books "The Good Enema." It's not a story, the rest of the short book, 60 pages is a story, the shortest one I have ever published commercially. The next shortest book is 191 pages. This one  is the story of a teenager and 30ish woman in a hospital room together just after WWII, the details of their enemas, how they effect their lives and their families, etc. The following is  a position paper: a researched intro to what is happening to enemas in the world of corporate, profit based medicine. This is copywrited, but I don't mind it being transmited to others and read around the world as the goal of my writing is not to get rich, but to help others, and others aren't helped if they don't know what is going on. I do request that the text not be changed if you are going to quote it as written by me.The introduction to The Good Enema:




“And now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.” In the Bible, charity is love. The thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians, the central passage defining Christianity, ends with this verse. Yet in modern corporate culture, money matters:  hope, faith, and love don’t. The Bible goes to the essence of this, not forgetting profit, but properly placing it in relationship to love. It says: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” I Timothy 6:10. Not money itself, but the love of it.

            Money is a tool. Love is the purpose, not a tool. When the accumulation of money is the purpose of every act, and of every service, then the purpose of life is missed. It isn’t just Christianity that makes love the key test of life: it’s all the major religions. All deplore the making of money a supreme goal. All equate love with God.

When doctors made house calls, knew their patients, when they based their lives on serving patients, and were paid in the cries of babies born, in heart-felt thanks, and in bushel baskets of beans, corn, and vegetables; enemas were common.

The use of the enema grew to an art and science in a different time. A time when the skills and practice of every knowledgeable nurse and doctor was based on human, not corporate, values: on doing what was best for patients, not best for corporations.

            Good doctors, of that era, knew that the taking and holding of a large warm enema warmed the core of the body, stimulated the immune system, and helped the patient’s own body fight off colds, flu, and other systemic infections. They knew that the taking and expelling of a good enema helped a woman in labor to relax and get into the rhythm of bearing down to have her baby, with a shorter labor and less pain. They knew that the giving of a good enema was the first thing to be done in the treatment and cure of many conditions. They also knew that the giving of good enemas was not profitable. No doctor or nurse ever got rich giving enemas.  Enemas are a way to help people, not make money. It was a different time.

            Human motivation doesn’t change. Doctors and nurses go into health care to serve others. The essence of good medicine, of any system of healing, is helping the patient. If that love of others is not the center of motivation, the system fails. Health care isn’t about money. Money is no more an agent of healing than the use of any other tool. It shouldn’t be about the love of money, but is.

            The enema, one of the most common treatments in all branches of health care, began to be systematically purged from hospitals, doctor’s offices, and home health care when corporations took over: when profit became the only criteria of success in American health care. Corporations never understand hope, faith, and love; but they understand money. They recognize and practice one principle: making profit!

Neither enemas, nor love, can compete in a system where the only motivation allowed to be judged is making profit. Enemas are time consuming, potentially messy, and don’t generate money back to corporate headquarters. 

            The elimination of enemas, and any other form of care, which does nothing to support the supreme goal of corporations, making money, has permeated modern American health care, and is sinking it. America has the most profitable health-care system in the world. Americans pay more for health care than any other country. According to the Organization for Economic Co-ordination and Development (OECD), in America we paid $7,290 per person for health care in 2007. The second highest, Norway, paid $4,763. Other countries trailing far behind in cost provided better health care to their citizens. In the 2000 assessment of the World Health Organization, America was thirty-seventh among nations in the over-all quality of health care delivered to its people, just behind Costa Rica. American health quality is now ranked lower than it was in 2000, but does lead the world in pharmaceutical development and many areas of medical research. And we are a health-care destination for the wealthy of the world, who are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, out of pocket, for health-care procedures that average Americans cannot afford.

It’s not the doctors, nurses, or workers, nor science, that is the driving force behind this decline. The design and function of corporations is to make money, and their power has grown to such a level than no person, or group of people within the corporate system, can inject human values. We are all swept up in this. The values of hope, faith, and love are lost: the value of serving patients is lost.

Serving the people is not even being mentioned in the current battle over health care reform in America. The prime topic of discussion is how to pay for it, how to keep the insurance companies in control, and how to keep profit as the main motivator driving American health care. The reality is---unless human values regain control, unless love again becomes part of the motivation of providing health care, our future is dark, unhealthful, and corporate profits will evaporate as our nation implodes.

            The enema, a most unprofitable treatment, is gone from our system of corporate health care, yet does not go away. People discover its usefulness, its benefits to health. But, if knowledge of how to use enemas, how they feel, and their benefits in health care can be suppressed, patients may forget, doctors and nurses may forget, and corporate profit alone may continue to rule our health care system.

But can a system driven by profit only continue to make money when the needs of patients are ignored? Our system is failing not because profit is wrong. It’s not. What’s wrong is loving it, making it the purpose, not just a tool. Love is something between patients and health-care providers, parents and children, between people. Love is the supreme value. Without it, life is meaningless.

All financial tools, including corporations, are tools. They are not people, and must never have the rights of people. Used as tools, relegated to their proper position in the rule of law and personal action, all tools have their place and use. When paper creations become gods, when they become regarded as living entities, when they destroy life to enhance paper profits, when humans submit to the rule of lifeless corporations, death rules.  Health care is not about death; it’s about life.

The Bible, I Corinthians 13:3, says: “And though I bestow all my goods and feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” Without love, without life, profit cannot long exist. Short-term profits can be recorded on dead paper ledgers, feeding off the dead corpses of civilizations, but without life, profit cannot continue.

            This book, and the others I write, are not dedicated to profit, but to love. The enema is a good treatment. For many thousands of years, enemas have been given as described in this book. The feelings, the love, and the uses of enemas are what The Good Enema is about, what this part of health care was like before the rule of corporate medicine. It is our goal to share love, to share knowledge, and to share the art of caring for others and ourselves. Our motivation is to bring health to patients, and to do this in ways that are proven, and work.

We have a web site, to look it up look up lifeknox on the internet,  giving some conditions treated by enemas: candida, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colds & flu, preparation for childbirth, etc., and an article on how to give an enema, which will be part of a new publication on how and why to give enemas.

            Good enemas will return to health care. Helping our children, friends, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, patients, people who trust us with their care, will be based on love again. “And now abideth faith, hope, and love, these three: but the greatest of these is love,” I Corinthians 13:13. All other things will pass away.

Read, The Good Enema with love.

J. G. Knox, September 2009

I also have a website with enema stories and novels including enemas as part of the stories to look it up look up e-lovestories on the internet



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Thank you for sharing your writings with this site. Hopefully you will have been of some much needed eye opening help to more than a few of the readers here. I have for 50 years been aware of the wonderful benefits of "caring, patient administration" of the ever pure and simple, life saving enema. I have read, I do believe, most if not all of your writing on this subject and possess most of your fine books on the subject. You were a very important catalyst to my (curiosity) on the subject, turning into a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and practice that is still, only in it's infancy. Thank you, dear friend.

This is one of the seminal books in the literature on this subject, and Leo's take on it is an extremely beautiful one, as is his spirit!