I do LOVE Enya! Her music is so serene and beautiful! It's also very spiritual too. I have had a love for Celtic music, since I was twelve years old. There use to be a radio station, in my area, that would have the "Celtic Hour" every night. And here's a fact, the word Celtic is pronounced with a k-sound, so it's "keltic" really. Many people think that it's pronounced with a soft C, like the sports team. But this is the way it was discussed and pronounced on the radio show. I guess the station didn't have good ratings, because after a while, it was shut down. :-(

So, I had to scramble the internet to find some beautiful Celtic music! This is when I ran into Enya! And I kinda got stuck there... I really don't know any other artists, besides her, in the genre. =p

I love to listen to her music on my i-pod. My best pal, Philip, recently sent me two more albums of hers... which I use to help me fall into sleep, at night. I sleep fine at night, as it is... but when I listen to Enya, before I sleep, my dreams are 100 times better and more spiritual! Well... except for last night... I had a weird dream about getting into a fighting battle with The Rock! :-/

Anyhoo... I love her voice and her music! I do love the theme that she made for movie "The Lord Of The Rings", named May It Be. And now... I think I will go play her albums now! Whoo! :-D

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Wonderful music! Had one of the CD's at one point but they never last long in our vehicle. :)