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New Friends

I love EP because it has brought amazing people into my life. I have felt and made very real and deep connections here.

I do not appreciate the jerks and trolls on this site, but thankfully my time here on EP is filled with mostly positive experiences.

I love the Q&As and love looking for new experiences to add that reflect what I am going through or thinking about at any given moment. I think the mood and status features and whiteboards are fun and great social tools. I would choose EP over facebook any day lol.
CheshireGrinz CheshireGrinz 26-30, F 4 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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don't get too caught up on connection(S) plural ... and yes I found an amazing woman here ... and you are soooo right about the trolls they just plain suck

You are my number 1 connection and I am your greatest fan ;) My cute and jealous boyfriend need not worry about any connections. Muah.

i don't worry but I am still VERY possessive when it comes to you and yup I keep a close eye on those who have an eye on you ;)

I couldn't have said it better. I love all the friends I have here, well most of them, there are a couple that are a little out there but one never knows until you friend them but they aren't annoying anyway. I am always respectful and would like to add you. !free shipping!j0rdan sh0es........ 28 dollarc0ach p-u-r-s-e...... 25 dollarc00gi cl0thes........ 20 dollarU.G.G B00ts.......... 39 dollarDear Friend:We can supply all kind je rsey with good quality and low price. contact me, let's talk details.Deliv ery time: 5-6days, Shipping Method: EMSNewest stock list: every 3-5days updatedWarm Regards,Carolyn


Also it's good to connect up and have a real conversations on days when this is possible. Not too frequently for me these days I've found. I tend to pop off and on more than anything else, usually.

Hey justme :) been meaning to write you and I will today. I am sorry ... everytime i log in there are people waiting to talk lol.

I'm not complaining - it's me who's not available so much these days -- never mind, you enjoy; I'm sure we'll be in touch :)