How Lovely

 EP Confessions - where all the EP crazies come out to play.  

Just kidding!  Don't hurt me.  I go there too, so that makes me one of them.

All the drama and anonymous attacks that go on there is just ridiculous.  And now we have those dumb "stretch" posts that take up the whole page.  Those are just annoying. 

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2009

lol nutso! I said that out loud and it made me smile :P<br />
<br />
hehe thank you MizzBlue

Oh Yea ih Yea - you are SO not one of the crazies!! AT ALL. They are nutso - I like when it is calmer over there.

Well said Dreamer. I completely agree with you. A lot of that stuff just drives people away.

ive never gone there!'s just when things just get a little out of hand in confessions.

What are you talking about? I am unaware of this EP crazy hour. Can you give a few details?...DD