Ep Helps Me Connect To The Real World.

One day I was feeling bad and sitting in front of the computer, so I decided to make a search for a phrase as if someone was saying they are living and feeling the same as I am.   That was my first day at EP.  I found this place by accident and I treasure this as a secret world were everyone is very human and were lots of people share their real inner point of view.

My personal need and my link to EP is that I have found that I’m not alone in this life situation, I also found that different people experience the same pain, and they share it with others to find some peace. I have understand that my experiences have happened millions of times to many people and that may others are struggling with this at the same time that I am. 

EP have become my escape. It is where I can relate to people and their feelings without fear of opinion. Being judged is something that limit my communication and anything that I share in my world. But here in EP I just forget about it, and do as I please. It is an escape.

It’s not a escape form the real word, It may sound like we’re strange people trying to run away. But in reality; we are not running away from the real world. We are just getting in touch with our human side, and our feelings. We are understanding what is in essence the real world. Without limitation, EP provides the perfect environment to see yourself in others people experiences. 

I’m reading some experience, and I see my life…(pause)…  is the same, I see I have make the same decisions; I see that this person that is sharing their experience have been feeling the same.   That is a strong connection with other human, this is where EP serve us, as to connect in the natural human level, without all the parnaferliria ritual of costumes, ideologies or prejudgments.

Added value. Went reading others experiences; I see myself there, but in some point I find how different people reacted to my situation, and I can see the consequences of their acts. 

EP is an honest bunch of personal experiences were everyone tell me what can happen one way or the other.. And At the end I learn from someone else experience. In that moment I find direction, help and advice from people that are in the same boat (people living the same situation as I am).  EP is the common place for many to tell. to say, and to share about their life,  For me, EP had become the place to learn, to find empathy, to help me and help someone else.

Good day

inc28 inc28
22-25, M
Apr 12, 2010