Being Ruined By A Faker

I have amended this story after receiving helpful feedback from another member who felt I was bullying and I've removed the usernames of the faker.

At the moment EP Q&A is being ruined by a faker - someone who is asking questions and then answering them under multiple profiles to make their questions the hottest of the day.
Some people might say, why do you care? Well for some of us Q and A is a laugh and we want to see the real hottest questions - not a lot of meaningless **** at the bottom of the page.
Make your own mind up but if you see the pattern, like I did, then I guess staying away from those qs is the only way to resolve it.
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If that's all they have time to do, then I feel sorry for them tbh.

ffs what a loser she is

I am amazed as this would take an awful lot of time to arrange.And for what.

I would like to know how to spot peoples other accounts how do you do it? How do you know when it's the same person on each profile?

I think under normal circumstances it would be hard but in these circumstances she/he is too obvious. She answers all her own questions and creates the profiles on the same day. Running them all as a normal profile would be too much effort so none of them are developed properly. She only answers her own questions for her own gain. Opening each profile in succession.

I thought it had to do with an isp address or something , just good detective work it seems.

I for one, will keep an eye open now

I had no idea this was happening

I love my q&a

Lets lose this faker

Mark xxx

She's got 2 in the hottest questions today as she's answered them herself. She is asking as 'afunlover' today.

And you've flagged it??

Yes but it takes a few to flag before it disappears

Needs to get a life

Thanks for the info,I will keep these in mind

I think she's stopped it all now :)

Nope she's back today as theyoungwoman lol

Thanks for keeping me informed.Will be aware of that.

that is such a lame way to spend your time......she must be signing in and out all day

You missed all the action HHA x

I know......I will weep later.....or not

lol X

im going to start a womaninlove is a Question hogging cheat group?..

Dear Powers that be,
May I never be so bored in life, that doing something like this sounds like a good idea to me. Please help this poor lost soul find something more befitting their awful watching leaves fall from trees. At least they will be getting some fresh air! Oh and P.S....I'm still waiting on that "pool boy" we talked about, thanks. :)

lol great response!
When I wrote this I was annoyed but that annoyance soon turned to pity and now I don't even wonder what she's/he's up to anymore. I think hoping their life gets better is probably the best way. :)

Wow...too much free time

She might get the "hottest question spot", but I don't understand what's she gonna do with it?

It's like getting 50 likes on your photo. Once it gets old, no one cares..

If she's getting paid for it then that's a different thing, but I see no other reason.

I agree it is really odd and the other thing atm is that she is swapping she asked a set of q's as womaninlove and then she asked them as lovetoloveyou and now she is asking the same set as alphabeta9 WTF makes no sense but nevermind :)

It's strange that people have enough spare time to log in from so many accounts just to get their questions featured. She/He obviously has no life.

Thanks for the heads up FA

isn't it crazy how pathetic some peoples lives are that they have to do this? I feel sorry for her.

I noticed that she did get alot of the hottest questions of the day lately, now I know why lol, some people have too much time on their hands.

My question is how do you check that? It sounds like an EP TOS violation although I shouldn't talk as I have three user names - but I don't hide it nor do I do activity to give my questions more play.
Seriously, how did you find those names.

I don't mind people having 2 or 3 infact it only bugged me about this person when I first found out. It was like that initial WTF. Now I don't really care because I think their life must be so bad or they must have such bad problems to need to do this so I feel more sorry for them.

I noticed because those names had ONLY answered her Qs. Since me outting him/her they've used the profiles to answer a few other Qs but I guess ultimately they're going to have to go back to answering their own Qs again due to time restrictions and the whole purpose of the accounts which is to make their own questions popular!

That must took some time to find out.

CFOM I have one and a half accounts, unless my pal has changed her password

Yeah I know where you're coming from.

shes spiritually f*ked what else would anyone scrap all the answers. It blows. They should just kiss themselves in the process. But wheres the justice.

omg lol I never thought I'd hear you saying spirtually f*cked lol, I love it! Thanks Free :D

lol, you have a talent for finding these crazy people, its a sad reality the person couldn't stop their own addiction for BA.

Man, and "theconnection" is a pretty cool name too! What a waste. Lol, one of them is called "catchmeifyoucan". Is this her way of taunting EP?

Yes I wondered that too. Although she/he has deleted the last three profiles. Scarily they've gone from having an active female account to an active male account. Each question must be taking her ages!!!! Probably why they are all "one word only" questions :)<br />
<br />
Anyway I don't know if EP can/will do anything soon, but if people just read this and block, the questions don't show up anymore lol.

I know it's crazy :D

fakers are losers.

too many fakes on net. i need a prove if you are fake.

i think EP people just want to increase number of experiences to be highlighted on their home page

Hi, I understand now what's been happening after reading your post. .
It's rather amazing that one individual can have so many profiles.
The mind boggles as to why would they want to??
I guess it takes all types, especially on the internet.

Thank you for the info,I really can't understand why they do this,some sort of a split personalities.

I tried to ask but they blocked me lol

ha!!!!!! that person is a real nut job. I will flag

They just asked a Q about hell on Q&amp;A this second as we speak!

so crazy. I love EP. I hate that people are doing this

He/She knows a few of us are on to them and so to try and get some variation are asking Q's from the other accounts now. So the trail will get harder to follow which is why if they're going to do anything EP staff need to act NOW :)

Oh my god..thanks for the info that is good to know...may I ask how in the hell did u find this out ? I will keep a close eye on all these names my question the hell does she get away with it.....

I found out because she/he was too obvious. They constantly had hottest question for average questions and I spotted that the same fake avatars were answering - I know Q&amp;A well enough to spot the regular users. All you have to do is click those profile names and it's obvious.They had only answered those questions and no others!

very good information thank you

This really Pissed me off.
I love the fun of q and a, but can't access it now.
and someone else can do that.
sucks! :-(

I personally would like to see you back! :D

This really Pissed me off.
I love the fun of q and a, but can't access it now.
and someone else can do that.
sucks! :-(

No life.

Just wish I hadn't taken the back-lash for her behaviour :( *sobs*

this reminds me of fascades investigation with an old users account miami.. and all his multiple accounts pretending to be women mostly.... tiz quite common here.

More than anything I guess I was shocked at the vast number!

That person is wasting time,your time everybody's time. Just pushes regular people out of the way for one persons self satisfaction.

Cheers for your comment Jat X

woah! I didnt think anyone would take the time to do all that just to get the highest rated question. wtf is wrong with people?!

I duuno but I find that part intriguing :D

. you must watch this documentary i saw. Its called Catfish - you'll find that one intriguing. Trusssssssssssst me!

I've seen that 1 - the FB one? Lots like that on here with the fake pics hehehe

. yes that one! feckin crazy!!!! yes, tons of them here. Its kinda creepy. Im not against multiple profiles cause i have another one but, everyone knows its me. i just dont understand this need to have different personalities on here.

What bugged me about this one is the number of them and ruining the fun for others.

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*blows tokens rating up story*
Its fooking tragic IMO... whats the point? Its not like theyre interesting Q's

WOW thanks Gemz *mahhoooosive hugs*
I just hate cheating too it winds me up lol

Your welcome :-) Yeah its so feckin dishonest and I hate that too *huge hugz*