What's Left Of It

I came here to write, so anonymity wasn't the reason.  However, being anonymous did make it easier to write about many things, and even though I have no shame for anything, here or otherwise, it could prove a bit embarrassing if some things became public or read by the wrong persons.  None the less, my main interest is in certain other individuals not finding me.  Not that I'm hiding, it's just that there are friends and people I enjoy interacting with and there are persons I prefer to ignore and avoid.  There are also some, who fall in between, with the preference on ignore and avoid, but for reasons beyond my control, have to be tolerated and put up with at times.  I desire to keep these times as few and far between as possible.

It is for the those who I care not to interact with that privacy is the biggest issue.  They try and disrupt and destroy any form of privacy and insist on being a part of anything I am, even if they don't like it. Of course, it is the personality that is like this, so these types of people are like this with anyone they come into contact with, as much as they are able.  I'm sure you know someone who fit's in perfectly here.

On social sites, and I do use one, they find me and post and interact almost as if they believe I give a rat's @ss to hear anything they comment.  Some of them, I am required, out of morality, to tolerate and cannot remove or ignore them completely without myself being rude, crude, and socially unacceptable (which means simply, I would become like them).  So I do, but it's difficult at times, and it does limit how much I interact on the site.

Here, I can, and do, thrive in anonymity.  It was and continues to be, a big part of my being here and being active.  They, always the dreaded they, do not know about me here.  As far as I know, they don't even know about EP.  Since they are the types who would be trolls and annoyances to most decent folk here, that's fine with me.  If they are here, I don't know it, and don't care to find out.  They can search here, but unless I choose, they can't find me.  Well...

That brings us to anonymity and how it's slowly fading away here.  We cannot control outside searches, and to my best knowledge, EP makes all stories and groups searchable.  So, if I write a story I want to share with the public, there's no problem (except rights, and copyrights, but that is not the subject here).  Since I like to write and sometimes create prose and poetry that "those" people can gain access and read, they could trace it back to my anonymous account here from any search engine, if I post it here.  One of the reasons I've had to remove some of my work.

Also, for an anonymous site that is built on giving us anonymity and advertises publicly this aspect to gain new members, why did they add a link to other social sites.  As far as I know, we have to choose to link.  But, what if a friend, or circle member does link to a social site, we'll call it YakGab, and they share by ink their stories?  We comment on their story... is that shown on YakGab?  Oh, what if we post a story, one we prefer to keep anonymous, and they comment on it?  Will their friends in YakGab be able to see what they commented on?

As of right now, I don't know if the answers be yes or no.  At the rate of change here, the desire for more and more members, the greed for more and more income, both through members and advertisement, and the lack of privacy on other sites, like YakGab, I fear it won't be long and we will only be anonymous to the direct members in our circle, and even they would be able to work around that if they desire.  EP has been selling out the anonymity as well as other things.  Some of it we see, like the ability to link our EP account to YakGab, but how about behind the scenes?  How much don't we know?

For now, I believe we are semi-anonymous; our stories, no.  I cling to what's left, I stay hopeful that the founders will realize their greed and reverse the course EP is on, and I fear that one day, we will realize, we have crashed upon the shores of general policy...
darknight darknight
46-50, M
Oct 8, 2011