The Anonymity Experience

I only discovered EP in March, and what a discovery.  Ep is like a labyrinth.  Lots of places to wander in and always new places to discover and get lost in.  As I navigate the pathways, I find that the experience of anonymity is immensely liberating.   People can discuss any subject they like, in any way they like, share any experience or confession, and find others who understand them, or offer insights, or constructive criticisms.  People are known to each other only by their words.  Your heart and soul are safe here.  I love that no-one knows your appearance, age, weight, hairstyle, manner of dressing, religion, voice, gestures, body language, "social status" or finances.  Everyone can be who they really are.  I have met the most interesting, talented, honest, caring, sharing, supportive, deep-thinking, humourous, and just plain beautiful people in EP.  I've made friends I genuinely care about.  I'm exhilarated by this experience of communicating openly, unencumbered and unaffected by any of those superficial, external things!

61-65, F
1 Response May 19, 2008

Thanks for the comment, Forgotten. I'm thankful, too, as I think a lot of people are!