Running In My Sports Bra...

it's kinda rainy today. decided to run a few miles and wore my white sports bra and running shorts. when i got back to my car, i realized that my nipples got really hard and the sports bra was kinda see thru!! omg!! it was sooo hot!!!
Jenny36c Jenny36c
18-21, F
10 Responses May 9, 2012

Why wasn't I there to see that?

I bet you looked awesome!

I bet there were some happy people watching!

add me pls

I would liked to have seen that...

i luv when a womans nipples are hard and sticking out...makes my thick fat 8in cok hard right fuken yummy..i would have been licking, sucking and nippling on ur **** on a hard beat

So now that you know that's what happens to your sports bra and nipples in the rain, are you going to do it again?

Maybe that should be your rainy day outfit!

Please share more !! Nice story.

If you need someone to get them hard again, just let me know ;)