African Girl

When I say girl she is 22. An adopted daughter to a friend of mine. About 5 6" and a beautiful figure. During the summer I called at his garage and his daughter called ove to collect a car. She walked towards us in short cut off jeans and a halter neck top. No bra no nothin! THE most perky nipples pooking thru the fine material I have ever seen. I tried to keep the conversation going but is was so hard. They seemed to be attached to the air and bobbled ever so slightly when she laughted. She is originaly from West Africa and the nipples themselves were about the thickness ok my index finger and about 2 inches long. As she was heading off she reached into the car and I could not believe when I was able to look down her very loose top and see the beauties swaying and in all thier glory.
Stunning. I can see them clearly as I write this.
landyboy landyboy
41-45, M
Nov 30, 2012