Playing With My Nipples

I have always loved playing with my nipples or having others play with them, touching them with my fingers, or bringing my nipples up to my mouth and licking them, its always such a turn on to see pictures of other women licking there nipples, thats always gotten my panties so wet, its just so naughty seeing another woman licking her own nipples. I have often licked my own nipples with with boyfriends while they were thrusting away inside me with me on my back, I have to first dip my fingers inside of me and get some of my juices on my fingers so I can smear it all over my nipples, then I cup my breast and bring it up to my mouth and lick my juices off my nipples. This has driven so many boyfriends so wild they often times cream shortly after seeing me doing this.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Shyt __girl, I like play'n with your nipples and I've never even played with 'em!! But, given the chance I think you'd probably keep me around for a Loooooooooooong time!!!

You are not the only one who loves to play with their nipples. My breasts are now almost C cup with hard nipples almost 1/2" long and it feels sooooo good when i tease and roll them between my finger and thumb while I hold and rub my *******. I makes me want to *** so I put my fingers up in my mangina and ticklle my tiny **** (nee penis) and get myself all wet like a lady does so I can taste myself. It is so good to be a lady!