Nibble My Nipple..!!

I like to think about sucking girls' *******. Nice big ones with big nipples. I have pretty big ******* myself and I can just reach my nipple close enough to my face so that I can stick my tongue out and flick my nipple. I love doing this and I love to do it either in front of the mirror or while I'm fingering myself. I like the way my tongue feels on my nipple, but even better I like the way a nipple feels against my tongue. I wish I could suck more of my own *****, cause then I could pretend I was sucking anohter girl's huge *****. Not to mention that I ******* love having my ******* sucked. 

So the other girl would have to suck my ******* too. Maybe we could rub each others' ******* and press them together. Mmm, and how I love to see two girls scissoring each other to rub their ******* together! That gets me so wet.
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this is so hot!

that is the best...I love it when the nipples starts to swell in my mouth

im a perky Bcup.....i so want to know what it would feel like to suck on nipples are so probably ******

showing mine through my blouse bel-t what a turn see you looking

I like to suck the **** and nipples while fingering the *****. When I'm licking the ***** I like to squeeze the **** and nipples...

So will one of my multiple nipple *******

I would love to suck your ******* anytime

Makes me hard!!!

I love erect nipples also and love it when a female can have an ****** from nipple play.

have you ever experienced multiple nipple or-gasms, it is a favorite of mine in 4play

I love the thought o seeing you scissoring another *****.

l love making a women ****** from teasing her nipples with my tongue and teeth.

I love sucking ******* lying my face on a soft warm pillow flicking my tongue on a nice hard nipple...

I love to take a girl's erect nipples between my lips and tugging them while flicking the tip of my tongue over them.

here is nothing sexier than a female with great nipples.

Plz add. Hot stories

yes and me too, i would so love to be a part of this nipple sucking play maybe eating you out while you two girls did each other's nipples

So wonderful!

i like your story!!
add me please

Sucking nipples will extend your climax. Enjoy...

always a treat to have a wonderful nipple to lick, kiss, and suck on

The warmth and closeness of being so close together, pressing **** firmly together and the sensitivity of nipple to nipple is quite a rush. I would love to help you out there x

Your stories make ME wet! Thanks!
Please consider me as your friend. :-)

That would be fun to watch, I love a women with sensitive nipples.

Now I would be very happy to nibble your nipple for you

I thought I was the only one who LOVES getting my breast played with sucked on and! I could use some breast, like in my mouth. I can *** just by that...

your stories get me turned on ,so hot.