My First Experience Of What An Erection Was.

It seems odd to me now as an adult that back when i was a preteen boy i had no idea what an erection was and how powerful an attraction i would have to them as an adult.

My very first experience of what an erection actually was came while i was at school. I was in my first year of high school and thrown into the pubescent world that leads to adulthood. I was introduced to an array of new friends that i had never before seen and although one or two of my Middle School friends made there way up into the same High School i was only in a class with one other boy who i knew from my previous life in Middle school.

P.E. Classes were a whole new deal at high school where two classes were taught together so the boys changing rooms were packed with young boys like me, i thought that most were as embarrassed as i that we had to have showers after the relentless Rugby practice's and cross country runs. It was while showering that i first became aware of the power a penis can have.

All us boys were differently developed in that first year. I remember one boy having a great bush of pubic hair round his penis and up his belly he was proud of this and envy spread among most of the boys. I had no clue what it was and found it odd the boy made so much of it. I was sexually naive and knew very little about sexual things. I always held back and liked to shower late so as not to be over crowded and not be involved with the wild horse play the boys would indulge in.

The day i became aware that a penis could change from being soft to erection was one day in those shower's a few weeks into the first term. There were just four of us left in the communal showers washing ourselves off. I had and have a wandering eye and have a natural curiosity about other people. This naturally meant i was checking out the boys showering with me on that day. I  became aware of the boy in the shower next to me. His Penis fully exposed to me from the side was sticking straight up and had lengthened and thickened up. I was amazed by the sudden change in the shape size and stature of the thing. One of the other boys also noticed and started to call out, ' Bridges has a hard on, Bridges has a hard on ' Over and over. This bought a crowd of boy back into the entry of the shower and they all started jeering and calling him ' Gay '. The Boy, Ian, became upset and grabbed his towel and covered himself then run off out past the boys into the changing room where he quickly dressed while still wet and run out into the hall. The boy's never stopped calling and jeering the whole time. I hung back confused by the whole affair. I wondered what ' Gay ' was and what a ' Hard on ' was for and why it happened to Ian.

That was it my first experience of an erection. How cruel it was of the gang of boys to react like that. Most of them probably not even experiencing an erection themselves were jealous and just joined in to be part of the gang.

Later in the Day i had a chance to talk to Ian. We became great friends and i learned about sex and erections with him. We never did anything together both of us were more interested in the differences in our bodies as we changed from boys into young men. We compared penis size shape and the differences in amount of pubic hair. I didn't have my first Erection for a good few months and my fore skin didn't separate from my glans to form the corona for a year and if i had not had my friend Ian i would have been terrified when this started to happen. Ian had gone through this before he got to High School and it was the first thing i noticed in his penis that differed from mine. His large flared end nothing like mine with the skin attached to the glans giving it a smooth appearence, he told me it took his foreskin six months to disconnect from the glans. 

I guess I have Ian to thank for my relaxed attitude to all the changes my body went through in puberty. I often wonder what ever happened to Ian. When he and i left school we never saw one another again. I wonder if he was gay, i knew i was even back then but just didn't have a word to describe it, until that day in the shower....

Thank you Ian for being my Friend.
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My brother isn't gay but had some erections with other guys when he was on our former school's wrestling team. I didn't know about that until I was in my second year at college and he was year behind me. He told me after we had begun visiting a nudist park about an hour away from our school.

He said he never got an erection during competition, but it happened a few times during practice at our home or a team mate friend's home. We concluded this was just a result of naked skin against naked skin, particularly during a few times the practice was while naked. That made sense to me. Erections for guys are normal.

On one occasion, a former friend grasped his penis while they wrestled and began ************ him.. My brother didn't stop him but couldn't bring himself to do the same thing with the other guy. That was a one-time thing, didn't happen again.

Wonderful story.
My erections started at a very young age. My first ****** happened while taking a shower at home. Though dry, I became a ************ freak!
I also knew that I was different then others, because I would get excited by seeing a pretty girl, or just staring at a hot guy, and this reaction to both sexes happened at a very young age also.
And then, the school showers. Ah Gym class. Track, track meets, guys of every shape and size.........

Im a girl and I'm getting REALLY WET I mean REALLY REALLY WET reading this
Btw I'm 22

I remember them quite often as a kid and remember ******* off... But I remember under very strange circumstances I had an absolute massive one where I though I was going to explode. It was in a beauty shop, and I really believe it was that experience that started my whole hair fettish So i like to see them on other guys as well especially having their hair done.

A nice story. I like your observations about the situation and your friendship. I had my first erection one evening in bed when I was about seven. My foreskin was still tight and my whole penis felt uncomfortable. I do not remember another erection till I was twelve and that was what prompted me to ************ and ******. I did not understand all three - erection, ************, ****** - at the time, or realise that other boys had or did them as well. I was sexually innocent for a long time.

Lovely comment thank you oneofnine, interesting name that. I liked the thought of being a non sexual person for a long time but felt left out later in my childhood.

Such a range of comments thank you all so much. Brandy1000 thanks for the point of view too.

Thanks for the comment's, i have tried hard to recall a hard on before the age of 10 but can not. I saw my first ***** in the park when I was as young as 6 0r 7 but do not remember getting hard. I didn't associate dicks with sex at the time. The ***** only showed women. It was only later as I say. I do not disagree with anyone about pre-pubescent erections but i really have no memory of them. As i said before, i only became sexually aware at the back end of 10.

Mine stared to detach from my glans at the age of 7, a small hole appeared just under the corona and I wondered what had happened. It did gradually separate over several years and I awondered what was going on. I suppose common sense took over and I thought it may be just the natural way of things. I didn't start to ********** until i was about ten, just dry ****, nu *****, but what I did like doing wa to pull my foreskin right back and see the skin that was still attached to my gland in places, stretch. Eventually I started to pull it away and it caused a lot of pain, strangely, this pain gave me a harder erection. Eventually, there was only one bit left, probably about 2-3 mm,I would be about 11, I took my thumb at the ba<x>se under the glans, and afinger nipping the glans and pulled it away from the corona, I am sure there was an audible "snap", it hurt like hell and I went through agony for a day or so. My glans was free, no more skin. I still enjoy having my foreskin peelled back harshly, and stretched back painfully even now as i recall those days when I was 7-11.<br />
I really didn't know what was happeneing to me, no one to ask, no books to read, and certainly no interenet. love to chat to anyone else interested in early foreskin retractiuon, and any stories etc re foreskin peeling form the glans etc.

Alex, thank you for you comment. Yes i have had a look for him but he doesn't exist anywhere as far as i can see.<br />
<br />
Interesting you say about early boners. I should perhaps say that my first memory was this. Maybe i had had some and not known about it before. I really do not remember having an erection before i was 10. I became sexually aware at 10 and maybe that associated feeling gave me the memories.