Love Sucking ****

I have always enjoyed sucking on a guys ****. Unzipping his pants and seeing that bulge, watching it spring out of his pants and reaching out for it and feeling it in my hands. My panties get so wet seeing a hard ****, feeling a hard **** in my hands. I love slowly lowering my mouth over the head, seeing those juices starting to flow from it as I lower my mouth down around the head, I love to just put the head in my mouth for a minute before lowering my mouth down his shaft. I love how a hard **** feels as I slide my mouth up and down, love how the head feels deep in my mouth. My panties get so soaking wet as I suck on a guy that I soak them through the crotch. Being on my knees, laying on my side and sucking a **** while he drives in the car, sitting on the edge of the bed, or laying beside him in bed leaving over and putting that hard **** in my mouth, I love sucking **** in so many ways. And when a guy **** I love holding the base of his **** so I can feel his balls sending load after load of hot sticking *** into the back of my throat. I love the feeling of *** in my mouth and love to swallow a huge sticky load. My favorite has to be when a guy slides my panties to the side and puts his **** inside me for a second and then pulls out with my juices covering his **** and then I start to suck on him tasting myself on his ****. Thats my favorite way to suck ****, dip it inside me and get my juices on it before I lower my mouth down over your ****. I love as I get wetter and wetter having a guy pull my panties to the side again and slide inside me again for a few seconds so I have some fresh juices to suck off his ****.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I want you to suck my long, thick and very hard ****. Your story mad me very very hard for you mmmmm

When sleeping with my man I love to spoon him and hold his **** in my hand. I like to suck a **** when it is soft. I like to feel it pulsating in my mouth. I love to slurp the head... OMG my panties are wet right now.

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