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Embarrasing Erection Stories

Hey guys and girls. Comment here, if you have some really good embarrasing erection stories to tell. Whether you yourself had them or witnessed others having them. :-)

I got a really embarassing erection during a photo shoot with some friends of mine. There was this girl standing in front of me and she had a really great ***. The kind you want to spank. I felt my penis rise dramatically pushing upwards in my pants and lengthening at an impressive rate. Then the girl startled me because she stepped back a little and her nice round *** landed on my fully erect throbbing penis. She obviously felt it and turned around to see it. That was the most embarrasing thing I had lol. Though I quite enjoyed it!

I'm keen to hear what others have to say. :-)

eloquentm eloquentm 18-21, M 2 Responses Jan 2, 2009

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I work in a gas station and I often see guys come in with hard ons. I try real hard not to stare but sometimes I just can't help myself.

Heh well she sort of pressed against it.