The Visit to the Optician... :p

Well here's my story about an erection I had.  I went out to buy a pair of new glasses and went in this optician shop. I started viewing the items on display, when a slim and busty (36DD i think) salesgirl told me "can I help you sir?". I looked down at her deep cleavage and said "yes, im here to buy a new pair of glasses". Then I felt, a movement down my pants. The start of an erection. As she continued to show me the items, I continued to fix my eyes on her enormous ****. My **** continued to elongate itself and stretch in my pants, rising and rising, skimming its swelling head against the interior of my pants. I didn't look down, but from the feeling of it pushing and stretching, I guessed it made quite a bulge in my track pants.

She came closer and now I get a full view of her ****. This time, I felt it bulge out with a more powerful thrust, enlarging the already present bulge and reaching max size. Then, i saw her eyes go down and saw its full form throbbing underneath my trousers. She told "well now, I think you have bit of problem down there".

eloquentm eloquentm
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2009