An Erection Feels Great...

I love the feeling I get from having an Erection,   the reaason for it being there and how it feel's when it is touched...a woman's hand enveloping me or the feel of my own,  when it is plunged deep into pleasure.  

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
41-45, M
6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

ahhhh sooo hard and nice,,, and having someone caress it is sooo nice,,

jsluvr - I have no doubt that a sailor can stand and salute, however, it is probably best done with a Marine watching your back. Semper Fi

Idamae, sailors know how to stand and salute, too.

Semper Fi - I appreciate a strong, long Marine. Keep up the good work!

Very well said. Short simple and to the point. ( pun fully intended.)

Yes! And I delight to see my wife's fingers wrapped around an erection of her making! Erections and fingers slightly covering them are so lovely!