What Is It?

Ever since there was an artist on earth, since there was a carver of a bone or pebble or a painter in a cave, there was 'erotic art'.  And always there was a preference for the female form and the nude.

Erotic art is not just a category. 

Naturally, there's a collection imaginable of 'erotic art' that spans all ages and every culture.  But since that's the case, erotic art is mainstream and is very much an eternal core theme of the artistic activity.

So, yes, one could say about a piece of art that it is erotic, meaning that it contains a reference to eroticism. 

Most probably though, all art is erotic simply because it's one and only preoccupation is beauty. 

The real theme of all art lies beyond the representation, it's art itself.

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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Oh, I think the female body is an eternal inspiration. Right now there is an exhibition of pre-historic sculptures depicting female nudes in southern France. Shows how eternal this theme is...<br />
Thanks for your comment, Sunshine