The Center-piece - Part II

Sharp 10, the door was bolted and I was standing in the center to start the rituals. The prayer was said. Ella applied blue color to everyone's right shoulder. Every woman was wearing just bra and panty where as men stood in the underwear. Starting with Ronny on my extreme left everyone kissed right cheek of a person on left side and the last kiss ended with Linda. Linda was from NYU doing her MS in Financial Engineering. She was the most beautiful woman in our group and recently turned bi-sexual. I met her through her ex boy friend. I still remember the night when she broke up with her boy friend. I supported her in her difficult times and in the following week she slept with me at my apartment. Its a great pleasure to have Linda and Ella in *********. The prayers helps in building a sacred atmosphere before the sexual **** begins. It also allows an individuals to focus on the erotic and sensual nature of the human mind. With a buzzer Linda and Cossack stepped forward. They touched my right arm and took off their clothes. If Linda was beautiful then Cossack was extremely handsome guy having great athlete's body, large **** and roman god like features. He played for local Soccer club in Northern New Jersey. Holding each others hand they went behind the curtain and in next moment brought the queen of night.

Klaudia with her queen's peacock feathers stood in front of us while Linda and Cossack stood on her either sides. I was curious to see her reaction behind her mask. Everyone including me bowed in a Japanese way, deeper and slower to pay respect to Klaudia's rank and her 'Center-piece' position for this meet-up. Linda and Cossack got back to their positions. Ella painted blue color on Klaudia's both shoulders. Keeping the color bowl on the side table she came forward and bowed in front of me. My eyes met with hers and she stepped close to me and pushed my underwear to my knees. I stepped out of my underwear and same time Ella removed her coverings. She was kneeling down in front of my naked torso. It was a signal to begin another ritual. Kissing my balls Ella started giving me head. Rest all followed the same. Sara's mouth touched Mark's ****, Salim and Worsha a couple already in action, Jennifer reunited with her ex Ronny, Patrick who was gay knelt alongside Linda infront of Cossack. Klaudia was left watching this **** while being only person covered with clothes. The objective of this ritual was to spread hard and horny feelings in the room. Lisa and Anita live together and it was Lisa giving head to Anita. The air inside the room started filling with long breathings mixed with occasional moans. Few minutes after, Ella stood on her feet and that made everyone going back to their original position. Every men were grown to the fullest and every woman's **** swollen and moist.

Worsha and Lisa walked behind Klaudia and her brassiere was taken off. Each kissed her breasts and now Patrick and Ronny took their place. Bending on her either sides they pulled down her panty's lace only to be taken completely off her skin. Klaudia was soft and clean with a small landing ***** on her private skin. I noticed how her petite lovely breasts added glamorous beauty to her naked torso. I thought how sweet must be a taste of her succulent breasts. Her body looked like a golden crest filled with a brim, from head to toe with carnal pleasures. Her naked standing figure seem like a price-less treasure. Every luscious curve of her body telling me a fascinating tale that will hypnotize any hot-blooded male for having her. How her soft lips and skilled tongue will satisfy my oral desires. She felt like Qandisa - Moroccan Goddess of lust who seduces men and then drive them insane.

She was standing there with slight parting of her legs. Labia cuff clearly visible beautifully decorating her moist lips. After kissing her hands and the swollen mount, Patrick and Ronny lifted her and placed on the table. Plush pillow was placed under her neck. Anita and Jennifer took their position. They both cleaned hwr skin with a sacred water and soft scrubber. Anita starting from the head side and Jennifer on the feet they cleaned Klaudia's skin. I was now started getting distracted by Klaudia's chest heaving up and down. She must have turned on as I saw her nipples swollen and she constantly moving her tongue on her lips. Ella and Linda then applied skin moisturizer all the way from head to toe. Ella has great skills in creaming genitals. She spread her legs and then oiled her both holes while Linda worked on Klaudia's mouth lips. The "Center-piece" was now clean, and ready for the night. Before leaving the queen's table Ella pushed her legs bending at the knees. Another pillow was stuffed under her buttock now making Klaudia's ***** and anus quite accessible to anyone. Linda came and kissed my **** signaling next move. Staring at Worsha and then Cossack I asked them to step forward. They moved close to the table and sucked each of Klaudia's swollen nipples. Same time I signaled Mark to take the position between the Queen's parted legs. Pushing her legs wide Mark slowly buried his tongue inside Klaudia's swollen lips rolling and piercing his tongue in and around her both orifices. Next batch followed with Salim, Ronny and Jennifer. Jennifer licked her anus and the guys sucked her nipples while squeezing her breasts. Klaudia was left alone at receiving queen's favors at her pleasure zones. Linda went to the Klaudia, kissed both her hands she planted one more close to her ****. As her left hand caressed queen's soft muscles Linda inserted her middle finger slowly moving inside the sacred walls of Queen's swollen, moist ****. Removing her finger out and bringing close to her eyes she nodded 'yes' towards me. Linda licked her finger.

Everyone understood that the queen, the 'Center-piece' is wet, swollen and ready to be 'taken'. Ella took Linda's place carefully scrubbing the queen's breast and private holes. Holding a small bottle she spooned a honey and placed on the nipples. Then she went other side of the table and slowly
removed the labia cuff and brushed honey to her **** and anus. It was first Cossack's turn to taste the honey off Klaudia's nipples, vagina and anus. Linda was standing in the center next to me. Cossack left the table with his lips still coated with honey mixed with the queen's sacred juices. He turned back and french kissed Linda rubbing the honey coat to Linda's mouth. Before Anita could get to the table Ella had applied new honey coat to Klaudia's skin. This time she also coated the queen's mouth lips. The honey rituals went in repetition as every member licked Klaudia's honey, coating their lips and then running it on Linda's lips. In the end Linda turned her face to me and gave a long kiss thus completing the rituals.
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Qandisa is known as a Demon now, this story (which I enjoyed much more than anything I have read in a long time and very well written) makes me wonder if you truly believe? Since she only drives men insane don't you think the centerpiece should be a man, just a thought I do hope to see the rest of the parts soon, as it's a very good story and subject.

I am Klaudia, I am Queen, I am to be adored and pleasured. For me, all for me.

hmm seems do write very well though. I believe we all need to express our sexual fantasy's haha:)
by the way...alot has changed about me a new person and you'd be surprised who i have become.

you write absolutely beautifully. what an erotic story. let me know when part 3 is ready..