Our Love - By The Snowdog

That Love I saw Within Your Eye

That Lust I heard Within Your Sigh

That Heat I Felt As We Did Lie

Upon Those Satin Sheets

That Feeling Deep Within My Heart

That Passion Piercing Like A Dart

That Feeling Like A Work Of Art

As Our Quickened Hearts Did Beat

That Sweet And Perfumed Slender Neck

That Steamy Kiss From That First Peck

That Love's Embrace Nakedly Bedecked

As The Room Got Steamy With Our Heat

That Way My Sweat Dripped Down On You

That Way We Declared Our Love Anew

That Way You Took Me Into You

Two One's Become Replete

That Way You Took Control Of Me

That In The Turning You Were Free
To Gaze Down In Your Ecstasy

Your Vision Oh, So Sweet

That As We Neared The Final Stage

That Way Our Lust Became Uncaged

That Never Wanting To Disengage

In An Explosion Now Complete
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
3 Responses May 15, 2012

You are amazingly skilled with this form of expression. This was a pleasure to read. Very graphic in intention yet subtle and very smooth with delivery.

Yup..., smooth..., That's me. Like pavement on a knee.... :-p

Thank you kindly, and I'm quite glad you enjoyed it

oh dear lord . . . this one again . . . a perfect feature piece . . . thanx for the reminder . . . suddenly my temp just went up several degrees . . . and I'm breathing fire . . . oh dear lord . . .

I can't even remember my own name right now . . .

It's Miss Behaved, I think ! ¡ !