Burning Into You

I want to sweep you up my dear and take you down in time

To lay with bodies starkly bare, and make love unto your mind

Bestow to you these wordly gifts, that set your soul ablaze

and steal your heart within my kiss, that I made you crave

as time stands still and our bodies writhe, naked upon the floor

to feel your heat combined with mine, to burn forever more

so come to me my dearest love, and take from me affections

and feel the fire as I burn, into your sweet detection's

feel it strike you hard and fast, yet gloriously slow

feel it while the moment lasts, before the moment goes

Here I come for you my sweet, driving straight on through

Here I come my love so deep, as I'm burning into you.
TheHiker TheHiker
41-45, M
9 Responses May 16, 2012

Bravo my Poetic Friend. *looks around for a particular white bunny* Damn! *looks around a lot harder* LOL! Okay...I've got to read your less erotic pieces now. The bunny is currently MIA. *laugh* Thanks for penning such a brilliant piece Hiker. I reeeeeally enjoyed it. :)

Tell that bunny to beware of forest fires that might burn in you. It could be hazardous to him if he's not careful.

Eh...he lives life on the edge. He's a very daring hare. :)

I wonder how that happened ? --A hare so bold, that dares to behold, the maiden fair, and her heart of gold. To sing of love, that rings above, his stepts that spring for his morning dove.--

The hare was not always so bold...and I didn't use to be the only one he would hold. But when I capture his heart and his soul too...there was not a single thing that he could do. :)

The trap well sprung. The song is sung. The poor little hare and his heart so wrung. The bait so sweet, that moved his feet, into the snare of a Love unique

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I love the sensuality of this poem.

The sensuality of it loves you. That's the way these poems work.

Why yes, I believe it does. :)

Belief in something is a good way to start anything

You write erotic poetry well. It stirs the soul, reminds us all what love is.

It helps me to forget love.

You may want to forget it, but it's obvious you've experienced it at some point, and you express your emotions concerning it well.

My want has nothing at all to do with it

Okay, but you're still a gifted writer.

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You are a very talented writer and this is so beautiful... thankyou for sharing :o)

Thank you for reading. I'm happy it's something you liked.

Very intense and passionate...Have you published any of your poems yet? :)

No. I've never thought very highly of them. In fact I'd say most things I write I don't like very much. I'm glad you enjoyed this though.

But we do like them, Hiker! I'm sure people out there in RL would appreciate them too. Think about it.

Thank you. I will try to think about it

oh dear lord . . .

Emboldened again, I see ? Hmmm........

This is totally INTENSE. You point came across in living color and images and not an ounce of vulgarity anywhere..... AWESOMELY AWESOME!! I just learned that phrase! Oh Yeah!! From YOU!! :D

I only recently tried my hand at this type of thing. I try to get the point across without being vulgar. Glad you liked it

I loved this ! ! ! . . . well done. . .