My First Married Woman

The very first woman I ever ****** was a much older married woman. What a way to lose your virginity. I had just turned 18 and was working part- time at a gas station in the evenings and weekends.. A lot of the local gearheads would come in from time to time and shoot the breeze about cars and of course girls and women. One evening one of the other guys who had worked at this gas station before started telling the story of an older married woman who was affectionately call 39 ( this was because this was her age of course) and how she would cruise around town in her new Olds convertible and if you ever saw her around town at the grocery or like him when she came in for gas ,all you had to do was strike up a conversation with her and if she was interested in what you were saying and in you ,it was a sure thing that you could **** her. Wow how this excited me thinking about her.
Two days later she pulled in the station for gas. I was standing at the pumps having just finished a previous customer and as I looked up to see the next customer ,it all registered with me , attractive older woman ,new Olds convertible ,it was her it was 39. I smiled at her she smiled back as I asked “ How can I help you” and I started servicing her car giving her the cadillac service treatment ,air in the tires checking everything under the hood and then cleaning her windshield and for her all her windows. I remember taking extra time on her windshield ( yes gas stations use to do all this). She was wearing a mini skirt (woman’s hot attire of the times) and had great legs. Remembering what was said about her that if she liked you she might **** you was playing over and over in my head as I cleaned her windshield and looking at those fabulous legs. I had a hard on like I never had before. I was embarrassed and shy as I had to approach her driver’s window to give her the total due and trying to hide my erection she saw me and just smiled as she handed me her money I went in the station to get her change and I ripped 3 pages of Sand H green stamps to give to her (way more than what her purchase would yield) . I gave her the change and the stamps my erection still showing and she smiled and said “You gave me too many stamps sweetie” I replied “That’s OK “ she smiled and said “I’ll definitely be back again” I said “I hope so”. She pulled away and for the next 2 weeks I spent my spare time cruising around town looking to see if I could spot that Olds convertible but to no avail. Then one evening when I was on my way to work at the station ,I stopped in at the local A&P store to get something to take to work for dinner and as I was walking out I ran right smack into 39 .She looked at me and smiled as I was apologizing for bumping into her and she said “I remember you” and I replied “You do?” and she said of course . She asked me if I was just getting off work and I remember pausing thinking bad timing again. I told her that I was on my way to work and was working nights for a while. She said “that’s too bad” and I said” Ya I know” She said maybe we will run into one another again. I said good bye and she again smiled and said” Bye Sweetie” I went to work totally frustrated another chance to try and get with this woman and it was again a bust. I was closing up the station working alone when I noticed a final car pulling up to the pumps. It was the Olds convertible ,it was her. I bolted out to greet her and she told me she was low on gas . I began servicing her car (Cadillac treatment again of course) After doing the under hood and tires I began cleaning her windshield and wow she was wearing another mini skirt and a very low cut top showing off her very nice breasts. I thought < this isn’t the outfit she had on at the grocery> but now as I was cleaning the windshield she was rubbing at her inner thighs and pushing her skirt up higher on her thighs . I was getting another extreme hard on and this time it was aching. I started to go to the back of the car and she put down the passenger window and said “I think you missed some spots on my windshield” I apologized and again clened her windshield and she was now holding her hand under her skirt playing with herself . It was driving me nuts. Now with an erection hard as a rock I walked around to finish putting in the gas and knowing this erection wasn’t going to subside anytime soon , I went to the back side of her driver’s door and announced her total . She turned her head back and looked right at my erection and then looked up at me. She said “Would you like to **** me? “ I blurted out “ OH YES” She said “ I mean would you like to **** me right now” I nodded and directed her to pull her car into one of the service bays. I shut down the station and hurried to her car. She was sitting in the back seat waiting for me. Her panties were on the floor and she motioned for me to lie on the back seat. I ******** down and I slipped under her as she straddles me. Smiling at me she took my **** in her hand stroking it at first then guiding into her *****. She started riding me slowly and I put my hands up and under her top pushing it up and exposing her bra (oh yes a front clip). I unclipped it exposing those lovely ****. Riding me harder now I caressed her **** and she bent down bringing them to my mouth. I sucked on her nipples as I now was pumping her, holding her *** cheeks and holding her tight to me pumping and then I exploded my load inside her. She lifted up and smiled and I was again apologizing because I got off and she hadn’t. She said “Don’t worry about it sweetie I promise you will get me off” She lowered down on me and began licking and sucking my **** as I lay there in total amazement. I was like a kid in a candy store and in awe of it all I lost my virginity I got my first blow job and to top it off, I had sex with a woman twice my age. I then asked if it she wanted me to go down on her and get her off and she said “Time to go home Sweetie “I was disappointed to say the least. But as she was backing out to leave she said “Sweetie again soon” and a big smile came upon my face. Now once again I looked for her car every day and every night hoping to see her again. Over two weeks had gone by and not a sign of her anywhere, till one sat morning. I was working dayshift at the station with a full crew working as well including my boss when I looked up and coming toward the station was that new Olds convertible I again made sure I was out there first to service her car. It was a beautiful day out and she had the top down and we both just kept smiling at one another as I walked around her car servicing it We both would exchange cordial comments and as now other cars had pulled in and my boss was at the pump servicing another customer . I had to keep on the straight and narrow and act professional. But I kept eye contact with her as much as I could. When I finished I took her money, went in for her change and again took a bunch of green stamps out to her. She chuckled at it when I handed her the change and stamps. As I handed this to her she clasped my hand and passed me a piece of paper. She said thank you and left as other cars were coming in behind her. AS I was servicing the next customer I opened the folded piece of paper and on it was her phone number and address. I made it to noon working and then told my boss I had to go, something I never had done before. I called her and she asked me to come to her house. She gave me directions and I told her I would get a shower and be there that afternoon. I hurried and got there around 3. I pulled into her drive, what a nice house. I knocked on the door and she opened it and again that smile and said” HI Sweetie “as she held her hand out to me for me to come in. She asked “Are you ready for some more fun sex Sweetie?” I told her” I am yours for the afternoon” She laughed and said “no sweetie I want you to stay the night “ “My husband is gone till tomorrow evening”. I stood there speechless at that moment. She was asking me if that was a problem. I hadn’t even thought about the fact she was or might be married at all and to stay overnight. I was relishing in the moment. I told her “Not a problem at all” I’d love to stay” She smiled and took me by the hand and on into the rec room and to the bar and was asking what I would like to drink. She said having some drinks would be good and help us both relax. I was new to sex but not to drinking. She turned on the radio for some nice easy music as we chatted sitting at the bar and we drank a few drinks each, We slow danced and exchanged some light occasional kisses as we did as I was holding her as we danced and she was rubbing over my **** she said “ I bet you have a lot of girlfriends don’t you” She was shocked when I told her “ I’ve never been with a girl before until you“ She looked at me and smiled a big smile and said “Well then, we are both in for a real treat “ . She took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom stopping at the foot of the bed she turned and gave me a short kiss and then began disrobing in front of me .I started to undress and she said” no Sweetie let me “ For the first time I was getting to see her completely naked fantastic body. She stood there disrobing me as I enjoyed looking at her my erection now growing as we both stood body to body she looked at me and said” I am going to teach you everything “ her hand stroking my erection and my hand caressing her awesome ****. She laid back onto the bed holding my hand and bringing me with her. She was so right she showed me everything. We ****** in positions I never could imagine. We performed awesome oral sex on one another. She taught me techniques I never knew to help sustain well as techniques to pleasure a woman. We enjoyed playful sex, heated sex and we now had ****** and sucked and played into the late evening hours. We took a break and went back to the rec room to have a few more drinks. The music was still playing and we danced again slow naked body to naked body .AS we were dancing she whispered in my ear, I looked at her and smiled .I picked her up her legs wrapping around me and laid her down on top of the pool table and ****** her till we both came at the same time. (She had whispered in my ear that she always had wanted her husband to **** the hell out her on that table but he wouldn’t). She asked me if I was hungry and wanted a snack and she led me back into the kitchen we sat at the table munching and chatting again and getting a second wind. It was now the wee hours of Sun morning and there was a chill in the room .She had gotten up and opened the fridge and in the light from the fridge I could see her nipples had gotten hard and were really sticking out now. It was a turn on for me I walked up behind her as she stood there looking in the fridge . I wrapped my arms around her my fingers playing with her nipples and I whispered in her ear, She turned her head back and looked at me and replied “DO IT “ I picked her up from behind turned and bent her over face down onto the kitchen table ,grasping my **** I began to slowly penetrate her *** inching in and out at first till she was able to take my erection I held her by her thighs and ****** her in the ***, a she had a very fast ****** . She turned back to me and said she loved being taken and ****** anally . We went back into the bedroom and on into the shower to get cleaned up. We washed each other’s bodies and enjoyed pleasuring each other orally in the process. As we were drying each other off she came close wrapping her arms around me and looking at me she said “Would you like for me to show you how to make love “ I stood there thinking to myself isn’t it the same thing as what we had been doing . She knew what I was thinking and said “Sweetie it’s not the same thing. “ I just simply said” Yes “ She took my ,led me back to the bed and this time she stopped at the foot of the bed turned to me wrapping her arms around me and mine around her and for the first time we kissed in deep succulent and long kisses . I had never kissed like this before. our bodies tight to one another as we caressed and still locked in deep kissing , I laid her onto the bed and I Simply slid slowly inside her and then as I was beginning to pump she held me to her tight and whispered let me show you we locked into deep kissing and she took control of our movement and our bodies moved in unison I was in her deep and she felt warmer and wetter than she had all night .I loved the slow rocking and deep kisses > WE both came at the same time ,she fell asleep in my arms and I too soon after . The next thing I remember was she had woke me up and had brought me a cup of coffee and a Danish roll. She kissed me deep and long and then said” Thank you ( and said my name not sweetie this time) “I had to go .It was close to noon Sun and she needed to clean up before her husband got home . I offered to help but she didn’t want me to. I left thinking as I was driving away she taught me more than the art of making love and how to enjoy sex ,she had taught me how to forget my inhibitions and overcome my insecurities and let go and be myself. From that moment on I have always been attracted to older married women and I appreciate them tremendously
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May 20, 2012