Stranded In Podunk India

Being a free lance war photographer I got this great job or so I thought. They wanted me to cover the tsnsion along the border of India and Pakistan, no shooting, no rockets and no explosions. What they did`nt tell me was how to get there and once there what to expect. This area they are fighting over is some mountains, wasteland, jungle and nobody lives there, what the **** is wrong with these people. I left the states and flew to Hawaii then onto the Philippine Islands to Bangkok then things seemed to change from first class to 3rd class on the way to Bombay then it went to hold on for dear life. Then it got worse, I thought I was about to die and crash into the jungle and never be found. As I began to see the bright light at the end of my life the pilot found an airport to land at and it turned out to be a road but at least we were on the ground. The road lead into Podunk India or whatever the ******* name is and I just knew there would not be a Hilton or even a Motel 6 with the light on. As I walked down the street with the sun sinking faster than me I noticed there were no people, no cars and not even street lights. I looked up towards the sky and asked God what did I do to **** you off this time.
Just then a door opened and a beautiful young lady came out to tell me I needed to be off the street by sunset and it could be dangerous outside. I told her about the plane and I really did not know where I was going to stay so she invited me inside. I step inside to a dimly lit room that looks like it could be a living room, she tells me to sit on the couch and we start to talk about where I am and how do I get to Dakar and she tells me not to go there cause it is very dangerous. She tells me her husband is in the Indian Army and has been gone almost a year. They have a curfew in this town and also late at night there have been tigers that roam in the and that is why people are all inside right now. She says to relax and she will be right back, a few minutes later she returns wearing pants and a plain white blouse. She asks me what I do and I tell her I`m a photojournalist here to take photos along the border and try to find out just what goes on there.
She asks me if I ever take photos of pretty women but I tell her no, this is more exciting then she wants to know if she is exciting and I am thinking OH OH. She is a very pretty woman with beautiful eyes and lips and I noticed that she is not wearing a bra she stands up opening two buttons on her blouse displaying just a hint of her breast. She sits back down only she is alot closer to me than before and I can smell her perfume arousing me. Her hand reaches over and she places it on my knee and she slightly bends over exposing her fantastic cleavage and most of her breast. She moves closer to me taking my hand and placing it on her soft breast as she leans forward and kisses me. She feels so soft and warm her lips gently kissing me then her tongue pushes against my lips wanting to probe as her hand slowly moves up my leg. My right hand starts to unbutton her blouse exposing her beautiful breast and nipples, her skin is so smooth her breast so soft and her nipples so hard.
   She grabs my hand pulling me up and leading me to the bedroom, our clothes falling on the floor our naked bodies wrap around each other as we deeply kiss falling onto the bed. I feel her hand on my hard throbbing **** as my hand reaches down feeling her smooth lips with her dampness starting to ooze out. I wanted to kiss her over her entire body but we both were too excited and so I slid down between her legs my tongue started to lick up and down her full lips tasting her delicious nectar. The tip of my tongue felt her pearl at the top of her most sacred treasure, my fingers gently opening her lips exposing her glistening treasure. I took her pearl into my lips feeling her body squirmed  then my tongue started to lick her pearl as my lips sucked on her pearl. I could hear her moans of pleasure and her body trembling and quivering her hips pushing up against my lips wanting to lift off the bed so sliding my hands under her soft butt cheeks lifting her up til she was completely arched off the bed. I could feel her body quivering and shaking her legs squeezing my head when she would cumm again and again. She finally started to slow down as I gently laid her back onto the bed then while still sucking her **** I slid two fingers up inside her searching for her G-spot. When I found it she started to scream and her whole body shook as she squirted into my mouth and all over my face. Not once but twice then three times she squirted completely drenching both of us. I moved up sliding my hard throbbing **** deep into her pounding harder and deeper with each stroke til I exploded my hot cumm deep inside of her then falling asleep in each others arms.
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