Crossdressing Solo Performance

He was at home. Having been a househusband since the kids came along he knew he had plenty of time available, but hoped there would be no interruptions. His wife was away all week, working on site & back again at weekends, so he had all the time in the world.
The kids had gone to school & now he was tidying the dishes, ready to start the day’s routine of keeping the place spick & span.

He had known since his teen years that he liked women’s panties & wore them almost all of the time, now, but until his birthday a couple of years ago had not thought whether he’d like anything else in women’s clothes. Now, though he used this to his advantage during the moments he had alone.
His wife knew about the panties & tolerated them, but other items were not allowed, so he kept them secret.
Secret from her & secret from anyone else.

Today though, he was feeling that he was going to be dressing up. He would be the little sissy at home from the stories he’d read on several cross dressing web sites.
Over the couple of years he’d thought about women’s clothes he had got a small collection of coordinated outfits as well as some matching lingerie. It was now that he changed into them, feeling confident in his little domain at home, big & empowered.
Swooshing through the house doing his chores he felt alive. Looking out on to the street he swept the curtains aside letting anyone going past the opportunity to see him in the practical & stylish outfit he had on.
Some people in this neighbourhood had cleaners come in, so in all likelihood they would not think twice about someone they didn’t recognise in the house of a neighbour. Finishing the kitchen chores he lifted his knee length white skirt & adjusted the top of the sheer black stockings which felt strange after he’d so recently shaved his legs.
Moving on to the dining room he swapped his slippers for a pair of flat mary-janes & started the vacuuming moving swiftly on to the living room. When he finished, humming to himself as he went, he stepped out into the back garden to empty the dust into a bin. The man next door had never seen him dressed up before & wouldn’t again today, he was away. When it was a dressing day he always made sure that the neighbours were away if he was going to go outside & today was no exception. One day he would be caught, of course, but that would be another day.
Walking outside dressed as he was felt great, liberating, sexy – but now was not the time to do anything yet. He went back inside & finished the housework.
Now he had time to himself. Looking out from the upstairs window the postman was coming along the road. What should he do?
Wait . . . . . wait . . . . wait! Would he have to open the door to sign for a letter or parcel? He got to the door, searched his post bag. He was there for so long, it seemed. Should he change quickly?
No, he posted a big letter & moved on. It would have been a thrill to be caught dressed – always a worry as to what would happen. Doubtless if it got out that he was a transvestite & been caught dressing up there would be plenty of trouble with the community, let alone his wife.
Danger was past. His time was his own.

He put a hat on & went to the side of the house where the car was. Mostly out of sight of most of the world he was able to get into the car. He drove off into the world, along the motorway where there were coaches, lorries & other cars alongside. Many cars were taller than his & passengers would be able to see him clearly, knowing he was a man in drag. He took the hat off. He had no make-up or wig on so could be identified easily, photos could be posted to any of the social networks to go viral but hadn’t yet. He drove home, having wound himself up enough.

Getting back in the house he lifted under his skirt & slip & touched himself, rubbing his **** through his black panties, white lace creeping up the sides & a white bow at the front, feeling himself getting bigger, a wet spot starting on his silky panties.
Getting his laptop out & starting the internet he chose “in private” browsing & started the crossdressers **** site he preferred. He watched a little before going to find his toys.
Changing into his heels & removing his blouse & bra he found the lube & *****. Fastening the suction ***** to the wall he started stroking himself.
To his complete humiliation he was only 4” fully erect & often felt humiliated when making love to his wife, but when alone his size didn’t matter.
He watched another video of a TV wearing corset, stockings & heels, like him, slowly rub himself to climax & chose another video as the beaded ***** he had on the wall before him entered him. Each bump gave him extreme sensations as he slowly impaled his anal rosebud with the ***** making his **** twitch with every bump.
He bent over further as the beads sank in, arching his back, his heels making him feel tall & letting his legs tense as he continued pushing on & off the *****. The laptop showing a video of another TV engaged in a similar pursuit.
Finding another suction ***** he placed that on the wall next to him & lubed it as he stood there. This was a realistic **** shape in firm jelly. Full 8” of realistic ****, just waiting for him, not going to let him down as he let his wife down with his tiny ****. No this was his. His to *** with.
Lubing his *** more he moved over & slowly took the head in. He moved it out again to get a better angle & moved in again, sinking slowly down the shaft, accommodating it all. Then stroking himself & speeding up along the suction ****, breathing hard, working to a frenzy until he came to a climax squirting strings of white ***.
Spent, he stayed in position for a while until he eased himself off the seemingly giant ****.
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OMG wow that's just so mind blowing I do the same thing I mean with the ***** and going out fully dressed make up hair all done just reading your store has made my nicks all wet xxxx

fantastic story girlfriend, thank you

Quite an erotic tale.

nice imagination! great story!