My Farm Days

I am Just an Ordinary Boy , U are Reading off a story from my Book of Lust, We are just an Ordinary farming Italian family, with me being the only son i was given so much love
But as i spent more & more time on the farm house alone at night looking after the cattle i start to get bored & started to read novels of what man & women relationship is all about
Then a Book with Graphical picture of a Man putting his penis inside women's pee hole was shown , i was shocked at first to see that & realize this is what my mother & father did to make me
Then i start to get more curious about he subject, & start to realize after i am done reading such books i start to realize some white fluid along with my urine after bed but i didn't know what it was so i researched more
Then a book with detailed instruction on Male ************ & it's advantages & techniques was showcased , From then On Night Spent in the Farm alone always went on an High Note^
ShanTheLove ShanTheLove
18-21, M
Jan 19, 2013