She has waited.. arms bound above her head
I will take her I choose
I hold her hips.. lift them to me
I open her from behind .. I see what I want.
Slowly I enter.. her gasp is faint
I will "(F)uck her (A)sshole
I feel the tightness.. I slowly push further
It is forbidden.. the pleasure surrounds me
She does not move away.. she arches back .
I am fully inside her.. I am in control
Thrust after thrust.. I will not stop.
I am lost in passion. ..she moans in delight
My (E)jaculation is strong
My (S)eman flows from me
I want "me" to remain inside her
This is how we bonded..
The first time..and each time after
This, she allows no other
She is mine.
I will take her again...
Stranglehold Stranglehold
41-45, M
Jan 19, 2013