She Is Mine

I open the door and she asks to come in.. it is late and dark out side.
She wants me to hear what she has done.
I know how it will end..
I am 21 years older,...She will tell me all.
I bring her in tell her to place her hands behind her back as I place the handcuffs on her wrists..
There is no struggle.. no words.. just compliance
I pull her panties down and open her shirt.. then tell her to sit on the wooden bench.
I position her so I may see her... legs slightly open.. She is shaved
I smell her sent.. It is faint, sweet..
I see as her breasts touch her shirt .. she it not large.. they are smaller .. perky... her (n)ipples are sensitive.. I will touch them as I choose.
She begins...
"I saw him as work.. just an intern.. he is younger.. at least 10 years..
We talked at lunch and at a break.. He was so wanting to find his way .
I had to do this.. I wanted to be bad..
I waited till after work.. went to him in the parking. he was surprised.. a bit unsure..
We sat in his car.. talked some
It just came out... I asked him to (m)asturbate as I watched.
His face became flushed.. redness..
I said I would hold his hand and let him see my (t)its..
At first he said he should not do this.. he would be embarrassed..
As I opened my blouse..I looked in his eyes and whispered..
(J)ackoff for me ..
He unzipped and took out his (d)ick.. it was almost fully erect..
I held his free hand. and watched as he stroked up and down..
I watched as the blood engorged his member.. the skin becoming tighter as the veins became more visible.."

She is reliving the moment... Her nostrils flair .. her voice is excited.. she wiggles to be free...
.. She continues..

"I watch .. a bit of moisture at the tip
He is moving faster.. the grip on my hand is stronger..
I see his hand squeeze tighter..
Faster.. Again.. Up... down
His hips trust into air.. over and over
I say.. (c)um for me...
A moan from his lips.. the fluid arrives.. wave after wave.. it flows over his hand.. on to his lap.. I smell his sex..
I watch as his pleasure is spilled from within..
I reach down.. place my finger into what he had done..
I look into his eyes... then taste him"
She admits to me.. "I am so wet... I want to explode"...

I know what I will do..
With the night.... a mix pleasure with pain... for her

She has been bad..

Stranglehold Stranglehold
41-45, M
Jan 20, 2013