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You’re lying on your bed, your heart is jumping out of you heaving chest and your breathing is shallow and fast.
You find yourself unable to move and everything is black. Is it because of your heighten sense of excitement, no. It is because your eyes are covered with a blindfold and you wrists and ankles are restrained to the bed. There are
only three senses you have to understand what is going to happen to you, your hearing, touch and smell.

You startle as you feel my breath on your neck, you haven't hear me come into the room.
You feel my lips on your ear and neck. Your skin prickles with the light touch.
You feel your nipples harden and a strong fire between your thighs.
Is it because of my light touch or you venerability because of the restraints.
My lips brush yours and you try to kiss me but they are gone.
You feel the warmth of my breath on your nipples, you are burning for me to take your hard nipples into my mouth and suck them hard. But I don't, you are going out of your mind to be stimulated.

Everything is quite and you are not sure if I am there are or have I gone.
Then a strange tingle between your thighs and you feel the warmth of my face close to your womanhood.
What is he doing you think to yourself, is he finally going to touch me and put out your fire. No, there is no touch, but you can feel him breath
on your ***** which is on fire.

There is a rattle of chains and movement, you have no idea what is happening.
Then your ankles are lifted up and back so your knees are parted and are resting on your stomach.
You feel a cool breeze around your now open and exposed vagina and anus.

Again you feel the warmth of my face close to you open wet tunnel, and then finally you feel my tongue.
with unbroken contact from your anus to your clitoris. You let out a cry of relief finally I have touched you.

Then again there is no movement and then like a surprise attack my face hits your wet ***** and starts eating you like a starving pack of dogs.
You can’t breathe or scream as the surprise attack has put you off guard
And as quick as it started it stops You try to catch your breath and when you do you get the smell of your aroused vagina in your nostrils.

You soon realise the smell is coming from my face as I slowly start to kiss you.
My lips are slick with the moisture of your *****, all you can taste and smell is the aroma of you own arousal.
And again I am gone, you are left to savour your own juices.

Now comes a more a well known smell, it is my wet hard **** dripping with per ***.
I rub my pulsating red knob over your lips and you savour the salty taste of my ****.
You then feel my knees one either side of you face and then I start ******* your mouth.

With each stroke you feel more pre *** enter your mouth from my hot ****.
I increase the speed that I **** your mouth. further and further down your throat you start to gag on my thickness.
You struggle but it is no good the chains won’t let you move and then I stop and hop off your chest.
Suddenly I enter your open ***** hard and fast. Pounding you wet cavern. You cry out with pleasure.
You are unable to stop yourself screaming in passion. You feel the first ****** rip through your body.
You spasm uncontrollably shutter after shutter you think this ****** will never stop.
I wait until you stop writhing beneath me and I slowly withdraw from your aching wet hole.
I lower my face to you and clean all your wetness. Slowly and softly I lick your *****, enjoying the aroma of your aroused vagina.
I lower my tongue to your puckered anus. Flicking it quickly. In your heighten state each flick is like an electric shock going all the way up your body.
Then you feel my tongue enter your *******, Like a mini **** sliding in and out. Again you start to moan.
Lost in the moment you don't realise I have stopped until you find my anus on your mouth your tongue starts liking me before you know what you are doing.
The smell of my musky anus is very exciting, this is the first time you have been put in this situation and you are not sure whether you like it or not but you keep
licking. You can feel me pulling my **** faster and faster.
I again get off you and you are left wondering what will happen.
You feel my warmth between your legs and then pressure on your anus.
In one movement I am in your ***. you can feel my hanging balls hitting your back as I push in and out of your back passage,
You try hard to push back on my **** trying to get it higher up your ***.
I then get a large ***** and insert him into your *****. You feel my **** and the ***** rubbing together with just a thin piece of skin between your ***** and anus between the ***** and my ****.
Again you feel the build up of another crushing ******. I remove both the ***** and myself from you and start to finger you.
First 1 the 2 then 3 fingers ripping across your g spot then four you feel the burning in your lips as I stretch your ***** wider then it has ever been before.
You then realise that my whole hand is ******* your like a huge ****. I lean into you and my mouth and tongue work quickly on your *****.
Then the biggest ****** you have ever had rips through your body, my mouth clamped over you as you *** in my mouth.
As you gain your composure your fell warm liquid coming from your ***** at first you think it is your *** then it hit you it's not you have lost control of your bladder
and you are ******* into my mouth. I stay where I am enjoying the mix of flavour of your hot **** and your **** I stand up and pump my **** in my fist and cover your ***** anus and stomach
With buckets of *** and then I am gone
Bathurst2 Bathurst2 36-40, M 3 Responses Oct 16, 2013

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write a fantasy for us??

Wow I was ready to walk into the room and **** her also , great story

Very nice story.