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Charity ***** Auction.

The second time my wife Cindy ,petite, shapely legs, 34DD bust , pretty face agreed to *****, to raise money for charity was ,six months after the first , serving topless, in the club.(See "Topless for Charity")
A month later the charity's rep, a middle aged man , Ian, called to inquire about the increase in donations.
I gave sketchy details; he asked if the operation might be repeated. I said it was a one off .
I gave him Mick’s number, ( he had persuaded her to ***** ,initially, see story ,"Topless For Charity" ) to see if he could help.
A few days later, Mick called, with a proposition.

Ian, the charity guy ,was chasing to see if he could arrange another stunt, to top up funds.
His proposal was, that Cindy would be the 'added attraction', at a Race Night , Trophy Presentation, for a sports league.
The organisors  agreed, to a levy of a pound ,on each ticket ,of approximately 150 sold.
C was to sell raffle tickets, in scanty attire, then, have her clothes auctioned off. A Striptease with a twist. He offered to pay generous travel  expenses.
I said ,I doubt if she would be interested .She’d started an office job and would not want to be seen.I said i would try my  to persuade her.
Mick said the venue was well over an hour and a half drive away.
He had offered her work as a ********; she had turned down, saying it had been a one off.
Mick persisted. She asked what I thought. No surprise, I thought it a great idea!
She countered ,she did not think it could raise that much.
Mick  could guarantee a worthwhile sum for the charity.
She asked Mick why he thought ,she might even consider it.
“You really enjoyed the topless night. Got a  real kick out of stripping in front of all those guys .Your husband got a thrill , you gave me a massive hard on.
I want to see your **** again and have a proper feel”.
He replied,frankly,with a grin.
Eventually ,she agreed ,admitted she was looking forward to it, and not adverse to the idea of letting lecherous Mick, feel her ****, afterwards.

Mick explained ,she would have at least 10 items to be removed by wining bidders.
Mick would compare , doing his comedy routine.
She was to share his dressing room.
As the night dawned, we were both pretty excited about it.
She left for the gig  wearing normal clothes, shortish skirt ,scooped neck t shirt and and put her ***** outfit in a holdall.
It was the first time we had met  charity rep Ian ,50's , slicked back hair, suit and tie , well spoken.
Mick introduced us.C said he was much better looking than she expected.
“I am delighted to introduce Cindy.”
“Delightful! can’t thank you enough”, he schmoozed, kissing her on the cheek.
Ian offered her a drink, ushered us to a table.
Mick asked her to sell raffle tickets , in her ***** out fit, lots of cleavage and leg on show.
After the races and his act, he would  officiate at the auction.
Some music, a twirl around , come up on stage , bids invited for each item.Mick asked her wear a school,girl out fit , as this had most items to take off.
Low bids, for hat, blazer ,gloves , tie ; more expensive bids expected, for removing items which would afford an opportunity for a bit of touching.
Ian ,was almost dribbling at the prospect.
“To get good bids, I will have to use a bit of banter, as I did a club that night, ok?”
“I think so, reference to the size of my **** ?”She said, rolling her eyes.
“That sort of thing, yes”.
"Touching," said Ian, placing a hand on her thigh.
Men started to file in, Mick went to change, C and I  remained  at the table with Ian. The men  were mostly  30's and 40's, a few older.
After the first couple of races, and the drinks had began to flow , Mick told her it was time to change to sell tickets. He took her hand and let her to the end of the room , into a passage that led to the dressing room.
I was left with Ian.He had been ogling her legs and bust sneakily.He asked how i felt, about my wife stripping, i told him, frankly, that it turned me on hugely.He said he couldn't wait to see her ***** , looked as though she had amazing ****."She has," i assured him, we both grinned.Ian said he couldn't wait to see her *****.

C was introduced, by Mick on stage, she looked stunning. She had her white blouse, only the bottom 2 buttons done up, knotted below her bust,short skirt, high heels and white lace gloves. Stunning cleavage, created by the black wonder bra.
He told them, she would be selling raffle tickets for the good cause, decent prizes,three bottles ,donated by the club, with the added incentive of being presented, at the end off the night by Cindy, naked.
A big cheer ,some very suggestive comments.
She had a pint glass for the money .Visiting each table, on at least two occasions, she sat on the knee of one of the more talkative men. Her bum patted continually.
She arrived at out table, rattled the tin at Ian.He grinned , put some cash in, and patted her ***.

Soon; it was time for the auction.
She walked onto the small stage, Mick explained the bidding rules.
“Gents, the lovely Cindy has agreed to raise cash for this worthy cause. She is not getting paid, this is the second and I am told, final time, she will assist in this way,  please give generously.
I will auction each item of clothing , the lucky bidder will be asked to remove it.
You will have noticed, when she was selling tickets ,she has a lovely full figure. Yes, I’m talking big ****! I was luckily to catch the, merest peek when she was changing.Well it's that cramped in that dressing room , couldn't help touching."
When the auction is over, she will be left completely naked”.
More cheers and comments.

The hat, gloves , tie , were soon removed and raised reasonable sums.
“Now gents, the blazer, three buttons to undo, your fingers will be very close to those lovely puppies.”
A young guy bounded on to the stage, Mick directed him to stand behind her, he slowly undid the buttons , removed it. Mick said something to Cindy, she grinned and nodded.
“I would like you to help me,” he said to the young man.
“I would like you to put your hands under those **** and tell me what size they are 34, 38?”
He grinned , cupped her **** then moved them up and down.
“Big!” He said.
The blouse was next.
Bidding brisk, between two men on opposite sides of the room.
A short, stocky guy in his 40's, won the bid.
Mick directed him to stand behind her, he soon had them all undone, he pulled it off her .
He asked the guy to guess her bra size, he brought his big hands up and pushed them up and down,”36 “? he guessed.
The skirt ,came next.
Mick, radio mic in hand, led her around the room ,to solicit bids.
A older guy, undid the buttons, removed her skirt and grinned at her .
That left her, in just very brief,lacy black lingerie.
“Gents, this lovely lacy bra, is up for auction, who would like to remove it ?”
A lot of cheers , some very risque comments.
At the next table at which Ian and I were sat, a middle aged man asked if he “feel for firmness, “she nodded and he squeezed each ***, gently.
"How much for a blow job?" Asked the man sitting next to him."She just grinned at him.
“Hell, this is so horny, said Ian. Looks like she’s enjoying it”.
“She wouldn't be here if she didn't, “I said.
Mick led her back on the stage.
Bids came from all parts of the room. A surprisingly large amount was raised from the wining bidder. A tall, slim good looking guy ,late fifties,silvery ,fair hair.
He grinned broadly ,as he walked up.
“Are you ready Cindy,” she nodded.

The guy stood  in front of  her, undid the clasp, then removed; he swung it around, over his head.
He peered over her head looking down at her large, exposed ****.
He kissed C on the cheek.
“Stay were you are, for the last time tonight, and guess the size.
He brought his hands up, cupped her naked **** , jiggled them up, and down and said,”Thirty six?”
"The stockings are next, gents".

Now topless, he pushed the bids right up.
He asked the winning bidders to come up together.
He had then kneel and roll each nylon off; she kicked off each high heel shoe.
They had a good feel of her inner thighs ,patted her ***.
They kissed her, both brushing her breasts.
The suspender belt came next.
“Ok gents, only one item left and for a high enough bid, you get to keep the panties as a souvenir.”
Bidding was, ridiculously high.
A man of about 60 won the bid.
Mick had him kneel and suggested he removed them with his teeth. He was game for this and took his time.
Having pulled them down, to reveal her neatly trimmed bush, she kicked them off, picked them up and presented the guy with them.
Mick gave the guy a tape measure and asked him to measure around her bust. He had a great delight in doing so and revealed it was 34. Mick said something off mic to Cindy, she nodded and he kissed each nipple.
“Gents thanks so much for your generosity.
Cindy ,thanks for allowing us to ***** you off, in such a sporting way”
But it was not over,she then had to stand naked, on stage, as she drew the raffle tickets, three winners ambled up on stage to be presented with a bottle of booze, have a kiss and pat her bare ***.
Whistles, cheers , he asked her to a final twirl , then she disappeared into the changing room.
“Fantastic,” said Ian to me.
“ Can I get her a drink?”
“I think she deserves one”, I said.
Mick was doing his last spot, Ian , I slipped into the room. C was still naked
, apart from a blouse, not buttoned up.
“Cindy , superb have a drink.”
He handed it to her.
“I’d better get dressed”, she said.
“I’d rather you didn't,” said Ian,” Take your blouse off, I’ll add to the pot.”
“Oh, ok,” she said.
“Allow me,” Ian pulled it off her shoulders revealing her large ****, once more.
He pulled a note from his wallet and added it to the considerable amount already in the collecting box.
“I’m afraid I’m a red blooded male”, he said grinning.
At that point Mick came in, kissed C on the lips and said,
“Well done!”
“You owe me, she said, I’ve got no knickers now”.
“I’ll buy you another pair”.
“What about the bidders touching your **** ?” I said.
“You sprang that on her as well”.
He looked at her.
“Well, I did agree to that. Mick knew it would raise bids.
You didn't mind?”.
“No, just surprised.”
“Can I get dressed now?
“Almost, as soon as I’ve had a feel of those lovely big ****”, said Mick.
“Sorry, You don’t mind? ". He said to me, almost as an afterthought.
“If Cindy has no objection.”
I glanced at her and she just put her hands on her hips,grinned and said,
“Come on then”.
He brought his hands up cupped them , then kissed her hard on the mouth.
Ian , stood up.
"May i?".
She grinned.
"Go on then".
He motioned for her to sit on his lap, then kissed each nipple, followed by a longer suck, he then asked for a kiss.
“Well done, you where great tonight”.
“Here, here,” repeated Mick, ogling her *****.
“Now, “said Mick” Stand in front of me, look me in the eye and tell me if you enjoyed your performance”.
She grinned.
“Well, yes, I did enjoy it .But, that’s the last time I do it. I've done my bit for the charity.”
“I agree entirely. That was your last charity gig.
Next week, you start getting paid. I 'll arrange for you to come along to a booking next week, with two pro strippers.They'll teach you a thing or do.
"Maybe", she said , with a smile which hinted that, she would.
Our experiences are related in more of my stories.

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Love it

fabulous story, can you tell me where youve posted "topless for charity" cant seem to find it on your experiences

fabulous story. I especially love the fact that C has her clothes removed by the winners. Trying to find "Topless for Charity" but doesn't appear under your profile. Where do I need to look?

fabulous story. I especially love the fact that C has her clothes removed by the winners. Trying to find "Topless for Charity" but doesn't appear under your profile. Where do I need to look?

deleted, but will send you a copy later.

wow now that's a charity auction I would like to attend.

Now THAT'S what I call a charity auction!!

It was a long time ago, sadly , if was today, she would not agree , due to the ubiquity of the camera phone.

A sad truth. And the second time someone's used the word 'ubiquity' with me today!!

Sorry,i find myself only ever writing it, rather than using it in speech.
Interesting thought though.

great story

hot story love to here the rest

sadly this no longer the place for such recollections.

you might post it as a 'confession' - seems to be a bit more latitude there.

Maybe , will have a look.

Wow ,a fun time for everyone ..MY hat and hugs off for Cindy the lovely lucky young sexy Lady...



what a girl - she must have been quite excited and you very proud

Absolutely love this story. Was hoping to read she did give a blow job to someone.

Good job. My wife always said if she had the body she would ***** on amateur night but it has never happened.