MMF-Nicky's Wild Adventure

It was a Wednesday afternoon at work, Nicki was getting that familiar restless feeling to get out of the office.  Her friend was house-sitting at this awesome house and wanted some company tonight.
Nicki knew the only reason she was going there was to hit the road about 9pm and get to her bar.  The chance to see Jim again was driving her wild with anticipation.
The last three meetings they had at the bar were mixed, and she had to see him again, even if it was just watching him all night while she or he was flirting with some one else.
Finally, the dinner and small talk with her friend was over and she could hit the road.  There was no feeling like pulling into that parking lot, past all the motorcycles and walking through that door.  Each experience was different, each one was insanely exciting, totally crazy, and hilariously exotic. 

Her whole body was tense and her hands were almost trembling as she sat at the bar, ordered a beer and lit the first cigarette and checked out the action for tonight.
Out of the corner of her eye, there he was.  But she would be damned if she would even look at him, why give him the satisfaction?  The memory of that awful Friday night few weeks ago, still shamed her pride.
On her right was an older, heavier gentleman who seemed to be by himself, perfect.  She started making small talk with him about the baseball game on TV etc. refusing to notice Jim but she knew exactly where he was on her left talking to some other people.
She turned around and there 'he' was, Jim walked up to her, put his arms around her waist and didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave.  Jackpot!  Nicki played it cool and said Hi, listened to him ramble on about some stupid dart game and his free drinks and winning $10 and he doesn't like beer etc. 

Just listening to his voice was enough for her, that low, soft southern drawl never failed to hold her enthralled.
Nicki was having a blast teasing the hell out of Larry on her right, hearing him say how her breast brushing his arm was giving him goosebumps, and that he would have left a long time ago if it wasn't for her etc.  Flirting was a delicious high all its own.
Jim moved on, Nicki looked across the bar and was pleasantly surprised to see Jim's brother Max with a few friends.  She joined them eagerly.  Nickie liked Max, they had a great conversation all about Jim the last time she was here and maybe she could continue that.
Maybe it was the new Wild Turkey/honey shot, maybe it was the 8th beer, maybe it was the crazy mood she was in, the crazy mood Max was in, but all of a sudden his hands were all over her!  HER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn, he was cute too!  About 15 years younger, short brown/blonde hair, tanner than Jim, a little taller, less muscular but certainly cute!
It didn't seem to matter where Jim was now as she looked into Max's eyes, so similar to his brother's, her body leaning into his.   Max certainly had a way with words too, telling her what a beautiful smile she had, how he loved older women etc.
All of a sudden it was closing time, how did that happen so fast?  She just got here! Max was begging her to come home with him, Nicki told him sadly she was saving herself for Jim and walked to the parking lot.
She thought Jim had left already but there he was, in that ****-box Ford Explorer.  Nicki sidled up to his window and smiled.
Jim smiled back and asked the magic question "Do you want to come home with me?"
Nicki didn't think, she walked to the passenger side and slid in next to him with a sigh.  Imagine her surprise when Max jumped into the back seat and yelled LET'S GO!
She smiled with a feeling of 'Oh ****' but wasn't scared, just anticipating the wild adventure in store for her. The car stopped in front of Jim's house, the kids were at the wife's for the weekend and they all got out.  She didn't even remember the walk into the house or what any of it looked like until they got into the bedroom.
Jim pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately, his arm was around her waist, the other pressed into her breast.  She moaned as she felt his hands all over her breasts squeezing harder.  She looked into Jim's eyes, then with surprise into Max's.
With a seductive smile she stepped away and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, her fingers trailing over her hard nipples as her bra fell away.
She lay on the bed with a blissful smile as both men unbuttoned and took off her tight pants, their hands sliding down her thighs, knees, shins, all the way down to her feet.  Nicki was completely naked on the bed feeling delightfully exposed seeing the two guys standing in front of her, their hardness straining through their jeans.
Spreading her legs slightly she smiled at Jim first, he got the message quickly and went in front of her with a knowing smile.  He had bragged about his skills 'down there' and she was dying to find out if the deeds matched the words.
His first kiss on her inner thigh made her dizzy, as she felt Max's mouth on her nipple, his other hand on her breast she spread her legs eagerly for Jim.
Nicki panted in ecstasy as Jim's mouth made contact with her *****, French kissing her all over.  She looked up, Max was sitting on her chest, with a knowing smile she took his hard **** into her mouth and sucked the head, her tongue swirling around it as her hand worked his shaft and caressed his balls.

Jim's lips and tongue sent her into a swooning ******, she came at the same time as Max did, his hot *** shooting to the back of her throat as she swallowed it eagerly. She felt his weight lift off her as he lay next to her with a delighted smile.
Nicki turned rolled on top of Max on her knees and presented her pretty *** upthrust to Jim.  As she felt his hard ****, first tease her, then enter her and Max's mouth and hands on her breasts she almost screamed with pleasure.
Jim thrust harder into her, slowly at first, then faster as Nicki held onto Max, begging for more and more and more……………until he came, she felt it burning and hot inside her as she rocketed into another ******.
The last thing she remembered was laying on the bed with one each side of her and falling asleep.


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Very nice! Next chapter please.

I second the motion...

liked this and enjoyed it alot

very hot wish i could have a ********. Ive fantasized about cleaning out my gf after she had someone come in her

very hot wish i could have a ********. Ive fantasized about cleaning out my gf after she had someone come in her

i really enjoyed your story and got very excited-more<br />
please.<br />