Erotica Exotica

i would like 2 run my fingers down ur chest
id like to feel my lips againts ur,s
i want that 2, feel the desire
if i feel anymore desire,i will explode

*** for tat...
i'm feeling it 2, my breasts are aching for u
my tongue,licks softly at ur nipple,as my hand rubs against your breasts
my hand slides down, caress ur tip & what lies beneath
so softly u moan,as my lips suck on ur ****
my teeth nips at your shoulders a bit

stroking ur *** as i make u laugh,stroke mine 2
take my hand, place it where u will
i have and u stroke so soft
running my fingertips over u 'til u can barely stand it

no dont stop,i can take my hand slides up ur sides
won't stop 'til u burst,keep touching then ill my fingertips touch u
never stop 'til you have enough,with wild  caresses,moving to ur special place
i reach down, hold u tight part my lips, take u in

so soft it feel within,like the petals of a rose u touch
so much strength u hold, do i dare take all the power within
guide me love as i need ur touch
caress u touch u suckle u all these things i want to do for u

i want feel your **** snuggled againts my chest your lips pressed to mine
my hands around your *** as i pull you closer so you can feel
my **** pushing at your stomach.

all those things, i want as well...ur shaft slowly entering me
me clenching it tight, tight enough to make u take over
over the rainbow & thru the fields we go

oh that feels right,u clenching it tight
id run my tougue across ur lips,while playing softy with ur ****
then id take my lips and kiss your ****,softly,nip at it
push my tonuge deep within
make you ***,as my hand grip ur bum to pull you tighter to get me deeper
so far in i go, yet you pull me deeper clentch me tighter
while i rock ur body back and forth.

deep as u want to i'd still try to get u deeper move my pelvic just that much
while u grasp my hips & take me up and down
i hold u from behind as my fingers
s grip your **** as i move closer to your back
fondle your nips gently then a little harder

start to kiss your neck kissing down the way as you lie on your front
my lips keep moving down your back
make my way down,down towards my goal,goal i must achieve
achieve 'cause he can't hold

at her lower back he kisses
softly pulls her cheeks apart
as his tonuge does explore
wet tip gently poking at a hole

below she suckles
can't be ignored
'til his legs want to buckle
her tongue darts out
to his tip she laves

i want to make u ***....
he pushes into the hole
licks the edges gentely
grabs her cheeks pushes futher
inside her,as roam around within

he withdraws his tonuge with a quick flick then lowers his hips to meet her
his **** is long and strong,throbbing to meet as he pushes into her bum
he enters her softly as she pushes back againt him
she moans softly at first,then she moves her hand to wetness,rubs with a fingertip,then slips it in so quick
back and forth she goes as his rythm increases,crys full the air from both

oh he moans as he pushes in and out. faster,harder she does cry
fingers go in and out to make her feel the ecstasy flowing through her
his **** is swollen and red, throbbing as it goes deep,moans erupt from him and her as both come together,sweet love from her,white *** from him that slowly flows between the clefts of her buttocks
now they lie at sleep,feeling so contened and complete....

masterzune masterzune
41-45, M
7 Responses Aug 14, 2009

lol...<br />
shame no one told me...<br />
now ill have to get writing..<br />
<br />

i will smylie, he's great! by all means, he seems to know what he's doing ;) <br />
<br />
extra! extra! he's going to hand-out fresh off the printer copy of these.....u get to go to the head of the line, it'll come with a little parting gift too. :) it's trial size, don't use it all in one sitting....haha

thanks smylie....<br />
<br />

haha...<br />
ur worth it....<br />

i know, that's why i'm blushing...... :P

yep i did...<br />
<br />
all for u babe.... ;)

*blushes* so did u read my diary or what?? :P