A Sensual Massage Is Awesome!

To all my EP friends, I want you to know that this story came about in a private message between myself and another member. I had so much fun reading and writing it that I wanted to share it with you all. After getting his permission, Here it is.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!!





you have total permission to do with me as you please. I tell you what you start the massage and then pause and I will pick up the story and then send it back to you ...


First you have to get undressed, it's very difficult ti give a clothed massage. Then of couse I need to get you onto the table and get the oils warmed up in my hand before I can spread it onto your body. I like to get it spread evenly before I can start rubbing and stroking. I like to start at the legs and work my way from the calves, down to the feet and back again. If you were lying there naked, I might have to tease you a little.


As I lay on the table, I was shocked to see the sexy man that walked in to give me my massage. i was so excited that I coulnt wait for him to touch me. As he started rubbing the oil around in his hand I could feel the tingles build inside of me... Just thinking about it I got myself so excited that I almost came when he first touched my foot....


Watching her tingle at my touch is such a turn on, my pants are getting tight. Her body is responding nicely to my caresses, and I can begin to see the ahrdness of her nipples poking through the fabric as I rub her down. My eyes are drawn to her nipples and her lucious mound under the sheet, I hope her eyes stay closed and she doesn't catch me looking.


As he runs his ands from my feet to my knees i shudder from anticipation. I try to keep my eyes closed bt I cant help but peek at his body. He is very sexy and as I look I notice that his bulge in his pants seems to have grown some. I moan softly as his hands slide up to rub my thighs..


Ok now the moaning is driving me wild and if she looks she gonna see the pre-*** seeping through my pants. Her nipples are rock solid now and she is moning in pleasure, I wish I could make her moan in another way. I wish I could feel those nipples in my mouth, maybe nibble on them a bit, and feel my ****.... ok got to stop thinking like this, keep your cool, dont let her see you sweating.


As he steps to the side to start massaging my hip, I 'accidently' let my hand slip off the table.... brushing the front of his pants as it goes. I just leave the hand dangling there hoping that he won't realize that it was intentional and I just copped a feel of his hard pulsing organ.


God, did she feel that? Will she get uncomfortable now? Maybe she wont? Maybe she liked it, maybe she tried to feel me up. Maybe I should make it easier for her, should she chose to try again. I'll get a little closer and see how she reacts. In the meantime, I need to see more of her body, maybe if I place the covers just right I can see some pubic hair.


Oh my I think he just adjusted the sheet so that he could take a peek. I hope he did. what should I do now? Opening my eyelids just a little as reaches acrossed me to rub the other hip, I notice that he is even closer now. I decide to take a chance and lift my hand back up to the table.. As I do, I brush him once more. Only this time I let my hand linger a bit longer hoping he will realize that it is no accident.


Oh my gopd that felt good, I cant belive it she just felt me up. If it were possible i think her nipples just got harder. And I can begin to see some wetness under the sheets, she is definetely turned on. But is it me or the massage? I guess I have to take a chance and find out. Let me see if I can slip a little and get away with it. As I rub her thigh let me just 'accidentally' brush her lovely mound. I want to see how she responds.


I find myself moaning out loud when I feel his hand slip a little higher than it should 'professionally'! Hot damn I think he is interested! I spread my legs just slightly and shift so that the sheet goes askew and gives him a better view.


Oh My God! No wonder I didnt see any hair, there isn't any! Oh id love to get my lips on that, nice smooth, nothing to choke on. I think its possible to *** from just thinking about it cause im getting close. I dont know how much more of this I can take. My balls are starting to ache. I want her, I want her bad! She seems to want the same, maybe I should move it up a notch, but how? Maybe a little massage on her stomach, maybe a little too low, see if I can make her G-spot tingle. I can already see white diamonds on her stomach. Little drops of heaven. She is obviously wet, and excited, let me see just how excited I can make her.


His hands moved to my stomach and started in on the muscles there. I wonder if he noticed that I shaved before I came. i just love being totally bare. MMMMM his hands are sliding lower. I hold my breath in anticipation of his touch.... Ok I cant take this any more. I want this man and I am pretty sure that he wants me. What to do? I am going to take a chance. I cant wait any longer..... As his hand dips low onto my stomach, I reach up and place my hand on his.... directing his touch just where I want it. He is not resisting so maybe I made the right choice... I moan in total delight as I slide his fingers down to touch my lips.


Ok I think I just came. Maybe not but damn it feels good and I am getting wet in these pants. I feel her getting harder, just a little bit. I feel her wetness and I love it. I really want to taste her, but I want to get my fingers inside her too. Choices, choices. I see her face contorted in pleasure and I want to make it last. I want to make her ***. I tell myself I will. I want to get a finger inside her, I place a finger inside her and feel for her g spot, if I rub the outside with my other hand I can give her double the pleasure. I love to watch her face. I have to get out of these pants soon cause it is starting to hurt.


I am so very relaxed and pleased. His hands are turning me to jell-o. I can't stand the thought of not doing anything. I know this is supposed to be a massage, but man those pants look like they are going to burst. Is that precum I see seeping through the fabric? I have to know... I reach over and rub his hard ****... God it feels so good... I cant stand it! I reach up and find the button and undo his pants... sliding down the zipper and letting him free....


Oh thats what I needed, so this isnt going to be a one way experience. Ok, Ive got to taste her. I run my tongue up and down her lucious lips and I shove my tongue in as far as it will go. I love the feel of her juices on my face. I wnat to make her moan in pleasure, I want to make this the best she's ever had. I want her to *** on my face, and then, I'll give her some hard ****. Cause, baby, it's pulsing. Every time my heart beats my **** is jumping, and my heart is beating fast.


I hear him sigh in releif as I set his hard throbbing member free. I open my eyes and smile what I have been told is a ' come and get me' smile! The sheet has fallen totally to the floor and I am very openly exposed. I am not one to flaunt my body, but with him it just feels right. I push his pants to the floor and reach up to unbutton his shirt as he leans over me and 'OH MY FREAKING GOD" his tongue just sent shivers up and down my spine. All the while I was unbuttoning I had my left hand massaging his balls, I hope I didn't squeeze too hard when his tongue touched me. It was just so damn thrilling....


Oh my God! I hope I can make her *** before I do. I think I'm really going to enjoy giving her a good pounding. If I play my cards right. That ***** is soo wet, and tastes so good. It is gonna be so tight, and I hope she doesnt mind if I **** her hard, because the way she's making me feel, there may be no other way for me to go. Now I'm desperate, I want her to ***, I slide my fingers inside her as I lick her, I want to finger **** her, I want to massage her ****. I'm gonna *** first if I'm not careful.


I am not sure how much more of this I can take... I am about to explode from his touch! I sit upright on the table and grab his head. Pulling him to me and kissing him deeply and passionately, hard on the lips. My tongue forcing its waya past his lips. He seems stunned at first and then relaxes and goes with it... As I pull away I say in my most sultry voice..." I need you! I need to feel your **** deep inside me now! Please **** me! Pleeeease!!!!!"


I slide her off the table and bend her over it. I can see her beautiful ***** throbbing in the air. I slide a few fingers inside her then rub them on my shaft, it wouldnt do to hurt her going in, it wouldnt do at all. I slowly, carefully, slide my **** into her. I've got te be careful and not hurt her. I can feel it going in, 3-4-5 inches and no complaints yet, 6, then 7, and I am deep inside her. I stop for a moment and revel in the feeling. I flex my muscles and make my **** jump a few times just to tease her. Then begin a slow pounding.


Feeling his luscious **** inside me makes me moan even louder than before. As he starts to thrust i feel like I am going to explode i do not know how long I can last. I feel him slide out and thrust my hips back as he comes forward. God! He feels so damn good. His **** totally fills me up inside. I think he just hit my cervix! damn he is bigger than I thought. I turn my head and look over my shoulder at him. He looks so ******* hot driving into me. "Give it to me harder baby! I love the way you feel!"


Ok, she wants it harder? Ok, I'll give her all I got. I love to see that perky little ******* staring up at my, I wonder just how horny she is. I lubricate my thumb on our juices and tease her ******* with it. She moans a little louder and I know shes fine with it. I stick my thumb inside her, I can feel my own shaft pounding inside her as a wiggle my thumb just to tease her a little more. I grab one shoulder so I can pound without knocking us both other and a tease her *** with the other hand. I'm going to *** any minute now. I'm trying to hold back, to give her the pleasure she deserves, and I know when she goes, I go too.


I feel his thumb tease at my *******... It is quite intriguing... I moan and lean back into him... giving him silent permission to do as he pleases. As it enters me I am so shocked by the new sensations that i just cant hold out any longer. I feel all the strength start draining from my legs. I lean into the table to support my body as the sensations flow through my body. I can feel my ***** tighten as the juices start to flow. He just keeps thrusting in me hard and fast. I can hear his breath quicken and I wonder if this ****** will ever end. it feels so damn good.


Thats it. I cant hold out any longer, I try to keep pushing since I can tell shes still ******* I start to slow down but I dont want to stop. I want her to enjoy this as long as she can. If you make her happy, she might just come again. (Pun intended). I hope shes not completely spent cause I can see a long night of passion ahead of us.


As I feel him start to release inside of me, I scream out in pleasure. It is one of the most intense ******* that I have ever had. I hope he does not have another customer scheduled soon, cause i would love to go at least one more time with my newly found sex god!


"Clear my schedule, I'm afraid I'll be with this one for awhile, she's really 'tight'"


Beautiful! I could not have made that even half as good without you! Bravo my friend!

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I have been seeing a tantric massage therapist named Frank Paul from Tantric Serenity... I tried it cause I get SO AROUSED during massage... if you're interested in deep, therapeutic releases added to an amazing massage, check him out... I am in heaven!

Wow, I rarelly enjoy fiction in EP but this is fantastic, kudos to both... wow again


Very SEXY story, I just got hard reading this.

GREAT story..

Great story! I wrote a massage story for an amazing friend of should check it out! I also co-authored a story that he posted on his page. Writing together is so much fun and it was so intense for me.

didnt help my horniness this morning thank you...............made it even worse giggles

Very exciting story. My wifd just raced the Boston Marathon and I set up a massage for her through a guy on craigslist. He was about half our age, and a trained massage therapist. I told him I would be there to encourage her to his touch, and he could touch her any way that SHE was comfortable. I've given her sensual massages many times in the past and she always liked them. Though I was holding her hand and constantly asking how she was feeling during the massage, and we were able to get the sheet completely off her body, she woudn't let his fingers go past the outer lips of her *****. He got close though. She knows I want this, but isn't able to let herself go and enjoy another person's touch... yet I say. I was dripping through my shorts watching it all unfold in front of my eyes. That was three days ago and I think I'm still hard from it!

Great story, many thanks for sharing it.

I am so hard and leaking now :)

Very nice story ,,,Dave

Wow. You two need to get a room. Perfect story.. ;-))))))


Wow, the back and forth play of the 2 of you really made that story. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

Thats awesome,soooo intense

Oh my what a story.....

very, very hot - and well written.


mind blowing and pant tearing, enjoyed

I was a massage therapist and have lots of stories like that. I am starting to miss the profession.

wow you got me going today.


Wow what an exchange, very enjoyable read in every sense of the word :)

hot...gotta go use this hand...i need both now...thanks


Very erotic, maybe the best I've read here.Was it difficult typing it out with one hand?

I am sure it was fun :P

jealous as well!

but happy for u both... let the good writings role!

Am a massage therapist and love the story. Sorry to say I've never had this experience but this story keeps my hopes alive .... thanks.

That was awesome