Erotica:a Sensual Thrill Ride

For many years I have enjoyed reading erotica of all types. For me its not only to get my juices flowing but so I can fully experience the art and sensuality that comes with the stories. Watching **** you get horny seeing sexual images on your screen but there is no way to transport your self into the moment. With erotic when I read all sensuality and intensity fill my senses. I can feel the persons skin against mine moving and hear their soft moans. There is wonder in words for me especially words written for a sexual perpose.

Erotica is not just a sexual jolt but a stimulating artful experience


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2 Responses Nov 30, 2009

OOp.. I've posted 60 or so of what I think is pretty good erotica.. 2/3 's or so are written on behalf of fan's request's. Wives/husbands/couples. Of the 17,000 reads.. YES 17,000 reads, less than 200 have had the courtesy to comment. Makes me want to quit my contribution to the genre! Bill in Va.

Thanks! its always great to meet another who appreciates the beauty of erotica ;) And writes it too