A Special Hope and Day Is to Come

most people say that i am smart and better than other people,but you know what i say we are all created equal.sometimes it is hurtful to get treated mean by someone who you wanted to be your friend.let me tell you its your plan to make it a good day,what i mean is dont let people put you down with their words.dont even wish you were like them.heres my favorite quote ''what would jesus do'' and it wouldnt be fuse or curse somebody out nor be them up.be humble,keep your head up keep on walking with joy.also for children in school,get them passing grades,if someone trys to destract you, ignor them.when it comes to self defense say something that would hurt there feelings but if they try to hit you pray lord is your savior.you see you gotta be stronger and hold on when times are at there worst trust my words god will give you something you never had before even for people who lost someone close to them.dont blame god for your troubles,god is the one that gave us the ability to love,think,smile,and most of all he breaths life into us every single day.look in the bible it says that god is love.even if you lost everyone in your family dont kill yourself now you better pray to god and find that inner strengh.some people say this is the only life we have and people say that there is hell.it is no to both that i just mentioned,like i said god wouldn't send us to a place like that if he is love,he gave is only begotton son that he love so much.we thank jesus  for giving us a second chance at life when we pass away.its not going to be a short life its going to be a everlasting life on a restored paradise earth.no more sickness,death,you would even see your loved ones again.THIS IS A SPECIAL HOPE AND THIS DAY IS SOON TO COME!

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

i think you all for helping me open up more!you should give this page a name that make people feel brighter and happy to join