Why God?

why god? why us? im 25 years old and i know some of you may still be thinking im still young but ive been with my husband for the past 4 years and we never concived ive seen specialist and still no answer i cry everynight asking god y y us? were really good people we take good care of our neices and nephews y god? i see so much people around me having kids every year and  i isolated myself from this world just cause its a baby world i dont even talk to my family members cause i dont have a child im the only one in my family that dont have a child yet even my 16 year old cousin has a baby it hurts i mean i try so hard and everytime i misss a period im praying my doctor comes in the room and congradulate me it always fails here i was thinking im the only one that goes threw this now i see there is other people that is going threw the same thing
hurtting hurtting
22-25, F
Aug 12, 2010