As wicked as I am, and as self destructive as I am.......I can honestly say, I have an earnest love for humans.  It might be because I'm an empath.  I feel the grief and joy of complete strangers.  I want to heal every one so badly, it often brings tears.   and yet, I treat myself very badly.
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I don't know if I'm an empath or just controlling....lol I want to fix it, I want to figure out a way to make it better somehow because if I don't try it hurts too much. People don't always like that about me...
And yeah....I can be vicious to myself.

I stopped my self destructive behavior, except for cigarettes, shortly after writing this.

yeah. I don't feel so alone. EP is a great big epic poem just waiting to be written!

Everyone seeks affirmation in their own way. I know I get a little lonesome when no friends are online. So I'll go back and reread stuff. Probably everyone here does that to a degree, including revisiting their own stories to drum up interest. I think you're pretty normal for this crowd...;o)

Yes I was going to mention that, although my inspirationmeter is on 0 again too. I took a poem from myself, that had gotten no comments on, and moved it up to see if it would get comments now. Is that needy or what!?

Love the quote, Moxie! I think that one's getting printed on a picture. Do you know the author's name?<br />
<br />
Puck, you wrote this more than a year and a half ago. Please tell me things are a little better. My Inspirationometer is showing empty...

aww bless your a good person.

Some of us are older and still abusing ourselves with toxins and bad relationships. Sometimes it would be so much easier to be heartless.

So true Music... so very true.... I just want to make him all better... make him feel wonderful again... healthy and a vital part of himself!

everyone who's ever been touched by you probably wants to do the same for you, and heal you too. take care [pls]! =>

Being an empath can be confusing - you wonder if it's you that is feeling badly or if you are catching vibes from another - it happens to me all the time. I think we learn as we go on to treat ourselves better. Our bodies make us do that it seems. When we are younger - we abuse ourselves with all sorts of toxins including relationships. "Making a commitment to change is no easy matter, for the thought of change brings out fears, big and small, known and unknown, that threaten our perception of comfort. Not until the pain from symptoms in the present due to avoidance become greater than the fears of change will that commitment be made."