Even If You Don't Believe In Ghosts...

Whether or not you think ghosts are real, you have to admit it is fun to believe in them.  Just yesterday, my mom was watching a movie on TV and she thought it was the news because the characters in the movie were watching a weather report.  My sis and I insisted that this wasn't the real news only to have someone on the television immediately scream, "This is f---ing real! This isn't a joke." Gosh I wish I knew what movie it'd been!
Anyways I love explaining moments like this with the fact that my house is haunted.  Call me schizo, I call it good times.
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4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I must warn you. While you think it might just be fun to see a ghost, most are out to destroy you or disrupt your life. This is no laughing matter. A ghost can "attach" itself to you. You won't notice at first but your negative side can greatly increase in activity. Or even worse. So be careful.

I've seen a ghost. They aren't what people tend to say they are. I like this movie called, "the ring" Very entertaining and supernatural.

haha television ghosts are the best!

yay for supernatural things! i love it. I want to see a ghost. my penpals house is haunted by her dead pop. He turnes the telly on when noone is in the room andso on.