Grandma's Dream Came True

Well,my grandma is a very tradional woman,in other words,she believes in god.
When my mom was a little girl,she grew up with her little sister and her mom(my grandpa died in Africa many years ago).My mom is a serious woman,but her sister,aunt Yi isn't.
Aunt Yi is the coolest member in my family,she rides motor,she is very attractive.
Anyway,grandma once had a dream about my mom,in her dream my mom fell down from the patio and got hurt,which made her very scared,so next day when she went out,she locked the door from the outside,and asked mom and aunt not to go out.Then she went to work,
Unfortunately,one of my aunt's friend dropped by,and opened the door,so my aunt decided to go out with him,mom said no,but aunt never litened to her,she just ran away.
Mom rushed out of the room trying to catch her,and then,she just fell off from the patio.
You may think it's just a coincidence,but it is true.
monalan monalan
Jul 14, 2010