Dream Or Nightmare

I don't know if it was illusion, nightmare or just a bad dream but was my worst dream or nightmare. I use to take drugs at that time but I didn't overtake it that night rather I took lesser dose.
"I saw a huge gate and went closer to it. It read 'WELCOME' on top. I saw bright sparks of fire inside and entered. There were great preparations goin on for something I don't know. The people there look dead and scary like demons, and I recognize some faces of who were already dead. Strangely I wasn't scared but calmly walked inside to look around. Being curious I ask someone I recognize (But I can't remember who it was when I woke up) 'what was going on?' He sadly replied, 'one of our friend ......... (my name) is coming here shortly so we'r preparing to welcome him when he comes. Don't have time, need to work so please look around by yourself'. I felt very sad but I don't know why. I look around closer and went nearer to fireworks. Suddenly it was very hot and what a horrible sight it was. People were being burnt in a great fire that I can't see where it stops and they were wailing. I became terrified and tried to run but something seem to hold me back and then it struck me that the signboard on the gate read 'WELCOME .......... TO HELL'."
I woke up struggling and found myself being held by 5 people (demonic) I saw in my dream, holding my legs arms necks everywhere that I can't move or scream. All this time I was crying inside 'O God this can't be real and if it is please stop it'. It went on for some time but seem like forever. Then I remember my father (a Church worker) who use to tell me when I was a child that taking the name of JESUS scares away the evil forces. Now I was crying inside 'Jesus help me' and was trying my best to free my mouth to shout Jesus. Suddenly the man holding my mouth move his hands. Taking the chance I screamed 'Jesus' but it was a meek voice. However I feel them releasing their hold. Exhausted I whispered 'Thank you Jesus' and they disappeared.
I was afraid to sleep again that night as I've known my drug using friends not waking up anymore from their sleep. I went out of my room and still terrified knock on my brother's door. He was annoyed and surprised and ask, 'What now'? I narrated the dream and nightmare in brief and concluded "People are trying to kill me, I can't sleep alone tonight". He just replied 'you'r drunk or high, go to sleep'. But without a word I went inside his room.
I believe that dreams tell us about what is to come or where we'r heading through signs or different ways b.c. I dream not much and when I dream I don't understand it coz I see signs. When I was young my father would say hints of what it means and it comes true.
But I never want this dream to come true.
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Strong words. I can see it as I read it. Be wary of certain paths and choices you make in this lifetime. There is a debt we all must pay when its over. You don't want to find out when its too late that there's not enough in the bank to pay in full

My interpretation to your dream: First of all, most people who take a smaller dose of whatever drug they're using will have lucid dreams. Seems to me you want to stop doing the drugs and get back to a more sober state. That's what "Hell" was in your dream. It was your discontent with yourself. Check it out.....maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right? Just thought I'd throw it at cha'