I Know Spirits Exist

For the past years (maybe around at least 4-5 years now) I have been able to feel the presence of the dead. When I was studying at the university of Gävle I lived Dormitory. One of the first things that happen to me there were that my books fell out of my bookshelf, I was alone in the room and no one else where in there with me and yeah the windows were closed. The second thing was that I saw a female figure in old clothing coming through the wall where my bed was, walking through the room towards the other wall and disappear. I know I wasn't dreaming when I saw that. I've been through a lot more, but I know that there are spirits

I'm sure that there are more supernatural beings out there, I just haven't meet them yet but I hope I will.
Bufflan Bufflan
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I'm curious. Why did you choose that profile picture? Because I see two people but they are not the same. And I know that's a mirror but I see two different people. Be careful in your travels. Though the veil is removed from your eyes, not all spirits are friendly. Many have posts, and they work day and night seeking to torture and destroy your soul. Be smart

Ofcourse I help my friends :)

But you always got me to ask when It comes to that stuff, you know that. I answer every question you might have that I can answer.<br />
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But I right now misses to see them.