Gateways And Portals

Make no mistake.  There are ghosts, spirits or entities that walk this earth.  Some are good and most are bad.  There is a definite war going on behind the curtain that people are not aware of.  So you must be careful when you traverse this realm of life.  If you are not "equipped" or "respected" you can be overtaken by these evil spirits.  And that my friend is no light joke either.  

You must keep in mind that no evil can be allowed into your "haven" without permission.   And that can be said for anything.  It doesn't have to just deal with the verbal aspect.   It can be a horror book you read.  A movie you saw.  Picking up habits from other people that are not good from you.  These are some of things that can enter and distort.

Be careful of things you ingest into your life.  objects that you may touch.  Places that you may go.  People that you converse with.  If your heart is in the right place, be rest assured that if you follow your inner voice, you will be protected from such things.

The Ouija board is not fun!!  The Ouija board is a blatant portal to the other side.  And what you will find is not the good ones but the bad ones.  I can recall one of my girlfriends playing Ouija board with her sister and cousin.  They spoke with a girl who was in a car accident.  She told them her name but the girl was unnerving them with her odd answers to questions or sometimes she wouldn't answer at all.  Then when it came to for them to leave (girls night out) they tried responding bye to the girl but she never responded.  After 5 minutes of trying, they just tossed the board in the box and put it into the hallway closet.

I remember sleeping on the couch to the faint sound of my name being whispered.  I assumed at first that because of my prior knowledge of the girls playing the Ouija that I was only playing with my own mind to start a fright.  So I closed my eyes again.  The whisper was louder this time.  Matter of fact, it was like right on my ear.  My eyes flashed open towards the hallway.  My senses began to feel the change in the air.  Something was manifesting itself and I can feel it.  I could hear noises and still my name being called.  I kept finding myself looking down the hallway and looking at the door that kept the Ouija board.  I received a phone call.  Thank God! (now I come to think of it, not once did I think of leaving the house until...)  My uncle called just to talk with me.  I was so glad to hear a persons voice.  Those last 15 minutes were growing in intensity of horror.  We talked for five minutes when I left to get something to drink.  When I walked past the door that had the Ouija board, the phone just cut out.  The red light was on.  I turned it off and then turned it on.  Nothing.  I did it again.  Nothing.  I calmed myself and went to the room with the phone base.  I checked the outlet.  Phone plugged in.  Turned on the phone.  Nothing.  Took the phone cord out of the wall and then hooked it up.  Turn on the phone.  Nothing.  I knew it was time for me to do something.  I heard a knock at the door and I answered it.  It was my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, I was also ecstatic to see him.  That was the first for him being that he's a full blown *******.   As I'm talking to him, the phone is ringing.  I offer him to come in and relax while I answer the phone.  He opts not to.  I answer the phone and its my uncle again.  "You won't believe what I just heard.  I'm coming to get you now."  I packed up my bags (oh I didn't mention, I was at my gf's house) and rushed out the door.  Later on, my uncle would tell me that he heard strange voices say "You will not have him!"  

I have also watched "A Haunting in Connecticut", which I wouldn't advise anybody to see it.  Alot of people dissed it because the real story is surrounded by the lies and the truth but make no mistake, that movie is a portal.  I remember watching that movie with the feeling that whatever I'm watching is coming through the screen.  That's no bullshit.  I've seen images in that movie that has reminded me of things that I have seen before in real life.  I shut the movie about 45 mins into it.  I wouldn't recommend anybody watching it.

Same thing about Paranormal Activity.  I actually liked that movie.  Bought it on blu ray.  Watched it countless times at my old house.  The problem came when I got to my new house.  I watched it one night and I was thinking, as I was viewing the flick, that maybe I shouldn't watch this movie in my new house.  It was that small voice of reason that sometimes I just don't listen to because I just sum it up as me trying to spook myself.  Lo and behold, the next couple of nights I kept hearing strange noises.  A rattling of the toilet tissue dispenser.  I know because I checked myself.  Then my girlfriend would always say how she was scared to be in the house by herself.  I really can't explain how I do it but I put it my mind that the house must be cleansed.  Then I rest.  Since then, no more problems and the girlfriend is not even afraid of my house anymore.  Matter of fact, she didn't even notice that her fear was gone.  Before, it was mentioned in every conversation piece.

So the moral is, be careful with whom you talk to, who you allow in your house, what you allow in your house and what you see.  You might think its all fair and fun until your house is jumping in the middle of night with unwelcomed guests who don't see why they should leave.  Its not fun.
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5 Responses Jan 23, 2011

I was possessed for years and have even seen the all seeing eye. The night my husband was seriously injured it visited me and revealed itself throughout history. It was beautiful I wasn't afraid but then I heard what happened

I agree with you. I have seen and heard things of this nature all my life.

Yes we are. In a sense, this is a parable to the world today. We have satisfied impulses that in turn has corrupted us. Evil can be upfront with it's mission or it can approach you as a nice girl named Lillith. Knowledge is key. Because the significance of that name is demonic in itself. It can sound pretty but that spirit is a succubus of sorts that drains spiritual energy from men. So under various guises, we have accepted ugly things into the once sacred house.

Great advice! I wonder if WE are at fault with ushering in alot of the evil thats on earth today because of all this type of activity?

yes, especially in these times. I am rather a recluse somewhat. People often come to my house and feel very relaxed and in comfort.