Connected To The Supernatural

The women in my family have always been connected to the supernatural.  My mother, my daughter, and myself. My daughter can see someone's auroa and tell if its good or bad.  She mainly has contact with children.

 I have come in contact with my great-great aunt when I was only 6. A spirit of a man that committed suicide followed me when I was a baby.  I have felt a presence (sorry for the spelling) with me off and on. He even tapped me on the back of my head.  I was able to tell a man that my husband was getting ready to work with was evil just by shaking his hand. (I almost litterally threw up) .  It turned out he ripped us off for $2500.
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Out of curiosity...what do you feel after you have read this very post? Are you able to see like that? What you speak of is similar to an old friend of mine who was more or less my guide at one point. She didn't like shaking certain peoples hands. Maybe I just want to know if you still see the light within me. I hope you do. Sometimes I worry that its fading.

ive seen the black shadows and have been possessed. the demon has been removed but it wasnts to take me back. its a battle, i dont sleep. i know jesus is coing back and im saved however i have powers and am telekenetic, like "carrie", i destroyed a neighborhood last summer w a storm and then my ex husband, and ive talked to ghosts. i have videos of the neighborhood and fb chats with the ppl wh o knew the spirits. something touched me though, dont know when.

I am able to judge a person just by being next to them. I can tell if they are good or bad. My husband can see auras of people. I have had several experiences with seeing spirits and of demons as well. I draw energy from people. If I have stayed home for a few days I start to feel weak and need to go out and be near others.

hmmm...are you one of them? <br />
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I find it highly interesting that you mentioned 3 people<br />
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3 is a very powerful number...

Yes. My mother is 1, I am 2 , and my daughter is 3. My daughter is more of a sensitive than I am. Infact she has had to learn to control it because she would get overwhelmed hearing the spirits. I can feel changes in energy that a person gives off or a spirit gives off. I would actually like to re-open my powers of connecting with the spirit world.

My question is, for which side do you play for? And maybe you need to re open to help your daughter in her gifts. Interesting. Why did you close it in the first place or shall I say "dimmed your lights" so to speak...

Because of two reasons. One is age. We all have the capability when we r little but as we get older, we think its our imagination. The second is riducul from friends or society. Also, just like anything else if you dont stay in practice you lose it. My daughter has had to learn to control it but still keep it in practice.

Yea the general masses with look down or try to use it for their own selfish reasons. Thanks for the reply.

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This is fascinating I'd love to hear more.

What else would you like to hear?

then message me. I would love to talk to you more about it.