The New Horror Movies

I feel its necessary to share with those who understand, believe and notice that the new possesion movies that have been coming out in bunches should be avoided. The Devil Inside? No no. Soon as I heard a lady kills three people and possessed by four demons (numbers are powerful), I knew the movie is marked. The Possession that tells the modern day story of pandora's box? That's a no no. They also have a movie coming out about a spirit in a house that if you see, you will eventually die. What's so haunting about that tale is that it is true. They even had the nerve to change its name but use the first and last letters of its name. It's similar to my story of the man with the trench coat.

Now yes, you can say...oh you are just being overly scared. It's just a movie. What people don't understand is that some of these movies are based on actual happenings and some of these movies carry entities within them that you don't won't to allow into your mind and your home. Be careful of the movies that you watch. Be careful of what you put into your home. It's rather strange that they coming out with these entity/possesion movies. They have been pouring out by the hundreds. And for a reason that most will ignore or just pass off as just as movie. But like I said, be careful of what you put into your mind
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You are right, horror-movie violence has a threefold effect on audiences. First, it makes audiences in general less horrified by, and more indifferent to, violence. Secondly, audiences may learn the lesson that violence is approved behavior. Third, some can become stimulated by it.

Can you expose yourself to such graphic depictions of violence and spiritism and maintain your clean standing before God? (Deuteronomy 18:10-13) As the proverb says: “Can a man rake together fire into his bosom and yet his very garments not be burned?”—Proverbs 6:27.

Who is behind violence and spiritism? Satan the Devil and his demons (Revelation 12:12). So if you're watching these films that means that you're hanging out with them. Here's one example, after one Christian watched a movie that centered on the occult, he said, “I saw the movie, but I didn’t practice spiritism.” Why is such reasoning dangerous?

Although there is a difference between actually practicing spiritism and watching it, that surely does not mean that watching occult practices poses no danger. Why not? Consider this: God’s Word indicates that neither Satan nor his demons have the ability to read our thoughts. Thus, to find out what we are thinking and to detect any spiritual weakness in us, wicked spirits have to observe closely our actions—including our choice of entertainment. When a Christian’s behavior shows that he enjoys movies or books that center on spirit mediums, magic spells, acts of demon possession, or similar demonistic subjects, he is sending a message to the demons. In effect, he is alerting them to his weak spot! In response, the demons could intensify their contact with that Christian in order to exploit the weakness he has revealed. Galatians 6:7.

It all starts with the viewer.