I absultely love everything supernatural. Kind of have to when you are a psychic who talks with ghosts... not that they've spoken back very often. I'm obsessed with all paranormal phenomena. I love it! I love knowing that there is something else out there... something just as weird and strange as me...
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Smh. This is not a game. You must remain humble. These dark spirits lie in their posts waiting to ensnare you into their traps.

Don't think me naive. Check the date on this story. June of 2007. I was 15. I don't go trying to talk with any spirit except my two guardians and two loved ones recently taken from me. The other spirits that sense I am a "magnet" as they call it, come to me on their own. I do what I can to help or send them away if they are bad. I don't try to hunt them down and I especially don't seek out dark spirits. I have been practicing my whole life. The sense is in my blood. It has been gifted in my family's blood for many generations. And I know I will pass it on to my own daughters, perhaps even my sons will get it. I don't know as it is not something we control. It just happens. I didn't choose to get my gift. But I do embrace it. I can't help what I have and I can't get rid of it. But I can learn to handle it in the best way for my own life.

Also, not sure what "smh" means. I don't speak much text language. Google says it means either "signal message handling" or "shaking my head". I'm assuming you meant the latter?

lol! SMH means "shaking my head". Yes, spirits are attracted to the ones with the light within. Especially the gifted ones. You know what you're doing it seems. It just that, these dark energies seem to be everywhere and amassing in numbers greatly. I'm just trying to help the few that I can to avoid such problems.

I too love the supernatural, i am a spiritualist and we believe in the spirit world. My sixth sense is quite strong and i am studying psychic subjects as a hobbie. It is very interesting.<br />
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Rock on!!

I too have known the inner voice of something beyond my human eyes and ears. I find it strangely comforting to know that we mere mortals are not me weird if you like, but I am just me, one piece of a vastly larger puzzle called the universe.

lol, I grew up with it in my family and now that I've moved out, I'm glad it didn't follow me. I know from a young age too much about what I'll never know. :P