Just Some Unresearched Thoughts On A Topic Of Interest

One might say that I am anti-human based on the following:

I feel that the development of the fore brain was a biological anomaly that just happened to be beneficial to humans in the beginning.

Fast forward through the evolution of human beings: all of the significant revolutionary events that occurred, the introduction of religion, war, politics, government, agriculture, technology and the big nasty social revolution...the list goes on.

Let's not forget about medicine - probably one of our biggest contributors to overpopulation. Each decade we come up with more and more ways to keeps people alive. And thanks to religion we have also developed the social norm that choosing to die is not a moral or legal option.

We have been pushing progression for so long that our fore brains haven't been able to keep up! We went from worrying about food, shelter and safety to worrying about...well, need I say more? It's no wonder mental illness is so rampant...we can't handle the stress of our own progression!

The thing is, the earth is going to get fed up. We are creating such an imbalance and the earth will start to right itself again. We're like the gazelle who evolved to be faster than the lions chasing them, thus shifting the balance. That worked for awhile but then the lions began to evolve to become faster as well.

I believe in our case the natural predator will be ecological. Of course I'm not suggesting this will happen in my lifetime. It may be 100's of 1000's of years before it does. Point is - our own arrogance and ego is killing us. Our self-important, self-serving attitudes.

I'm interested to hear from others and what their thoughts are - especially those with a lot of evolutionary knowledge under their belt.
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biological anomaly that just happened to be beneficial

Isnt it how evolution selects and eliminates mistakes? by making order out of the mess of new traits?