I Love Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first watched Moulin Rouge and the moment I first heard him sing, I immediately started liking him in "that" way. Then I started to watch more movies like Down With Love and Big Fish. Things got more serious (I'm so cheesy, right?) and I sort of, kinda, starting to fall for him. It's almost a year now and since, I've watched already 20 Ewan movies. :)

I just love everything about him! He's charming, funny, HOT, adorable, lovable, HOT, caring, talented, HOT, has a dreamy accent and he can SING! He's just the most amazing man! And did I mention he's hot? ;)

Ewan's just so AWESOME and I just love him so much! I love you, Ewan. Come what may. <3
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I feel the same way!!! I need to watch more of his movies...he's just too good NOT to watch! Haha :)