Morning Workouts

I'm an early riser, usually getting up well before dawn. I take the dog for a walk, doff whatever I'm wearing, make a pot of coffee, and head into the living room for a warm up on the wii fit. I find the bike touring and snowball fight games an ample warm-up before I head downstairs to the home gym we've slowly put together. Then its on the elliptical for a 35 minute workout while watching netflix on the old television down there. After cooling down, and wiping down the machine, I do free weights for about 20 minutes. Plenty of water is needed due to sweating so much. After wiping down the weight bench, its off the the "crazy fit massager" thing my wife bought...a kind of vibrating plate you stand on. It's a great way to cool off before heading upstairs for a shower.

We also have a treadmill, exercise bike, and an inversion table. I usually do the elliptical in the mornings, but will occasionally hit the treadmill or the bike. When i come home after a long day, there's nothing better than stripping down and stretching on the inversion table, it really stretches out kinks in my back.

Sometimes I hit the treadmill or the bike in the evenings.

On weekends, I do the wii fit yoga program, getting even more stretching into my routine.

Of course, all of this is done in the nude. There's so much more freedom, and as so many other have stated, there are no sweaty clothes to launder.

There are friends who know of my habits, my wife had me play the wii fit game nude with some folks last labor day...that's in another of my stories. I've only had three other persons, other than my wife and kids, who worked out with me while I was nude in the basement. I'm not pushy about the nudity thing, but I'm sure most of our friends know of my habit. Especially after last labor day.

I think working out nude also provides one the opportunity to view how different muscles work, allowing you to see development and areas that perhaps could use a bit more attention!

I've been doing this for years now, and am thankful for a loving wife who tends to enjoy seeing me in the buff as often as possible.
Redbuns Redbuns
61-65, M
May 25, 2012