Getting Dry At The Pool

I like going swimming. Better still I like going swimming in the tiniest briefs that I can get away with. Not so easy when men are expected to wear shorts. After swimming or gym in the mens locker room I found that they had a blow dry machine for men. Great that means I can go out with super embarrasing swimmers and then ***** off in the showers and get really soapy in the nude with no towel in sight. First shampoo the hair and then get the razor and shave the pubes and balls.Next wash the cosck ring and the scrotum ring and finally rinse off and go to the blow drier, then walk to the locker completey naked and get the baby oil and coat the body completely in oil loads of oil not forgetting to lubricate the piercings . Several times I might go for a pee in the toilets walking through the locker room completely naked and back again. Then fetch the socks from the locker and put them on. Next fetch the thong and put that on maybe oiling up the **** and balls in the process. Next the tee shirt and maybe another trip to the loo and absolutely last of all put the shorts on and go. Great having no towel.
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Dec 4, 2012